HOGE FINANCE $HOGE – To the Moon? Technical Analysis


Let’s review this up and coming popular meme coin Hoge Finance that’s been making big gains lately. Should you invest or not?

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Responses (8)

  1. joe francis

    Hoge Finance has just done 500% this month with a 10th of the holders shib has I can see it following shib now it’s getting listed on a top 5 exchange platform 🚀 definitely not one to sleep on if you missed the shib hype, dog meme coins just seem to blow up🔥

  2. Alexander Gedam

    HOGE is about to be listed on the top 5 exchange HOGE to the mooooooon

  3. BlindSight2020

    Dont sleep on HOGE, new ath incoming after top 5 exchange listing in next few weeks. This bull run is gonna get nutty!

  4. Hoge Time

    Let's go HOGE! Hoge is always bullish +

  5. You need to fix that intro my guy first time watcher nearly closed and disliked.

  6. Luigi Donaruma

    Can Hoge hit 0,1 ?

  7. Wel hello there. I’ve been apart of the Hoge family since April. We are legit and the Hoge train is coming. Let’s make some milli bags and go to the moon while there still time to get in.

  8. Abraham Quevedo

    This is the next SHIB, top 5 exchange listing soon. Funding under way, once complete it lists on either Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Huobi or Kucoin. Can’t say which one yet until after funds are sent (NDA rules from exchange). After this 2 more exchanges list HOGE immediately after. Sound familiar? Yup, it’s what Shib did last bull run.

    Deflationary from the start 1% burned 1% distribution to holders. Top wallets own less than 6% of supply. No dev wallet. Audited. Bridged to bsc (originally a erc-20 coin) can buy on pancake or Uniswap.

    Don’t miss out.