Hoge Finance looking bullish


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Responses (10)

  1. joe francis

    Hoge nation 🚀

  2. Alfred Team

    #hoge to the moon! why? they have a solid project

  3. The Hoge community brought me here. For that you get a like. Pop up enough times and good news I’ll be a sub.

  4. bebemaxAMVs

    Wasn't this the same guy that thought Hoge was a scam coin a couple months back 😂😂 Haha well I'm glad to have you on board fam. If BitCoin and Ethereum make a comeback this summer, we're definitely gonna see this pass 1 cent this year

  5. Bryan Ingalls

    To the MOON!!!

  6. Richard Joo

    You posted a video saying hogefinance was a joke lol, now ur woke. Credibility dude.

  7. Alfa 68

    Thank you and good luck. Community power is HOGE

  8. Zoraida Perez

    My men, I remember the first video you made about Hoge saying it was kinda scammy , I’m glad you sow the real ♥️ about Hoge, will see you at 1$ next yesr

  9. Bry Stone

    Yeeeeee. Much love ❤

  10. ashmedai91

    HOGE 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀