Hoge Finance Memes | 10 Cents USD = 100-200x Current Price! #HOGLER


What are my thoughts on the future of hodling Hoge Finance / Hoge Coin? The future looks very bright for this Doge inspired DeFi token! Is now the best time to buy Hoge? We’ll review some memes and psychology to avoid FOMO selling at low prices, enjoy!

#hoge #hogefinance

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Disclaimer – I am not a financial advisor. Any investment / trade decisions you make are at your own risk! Links help support the channel! Thanks for watching!


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Responses (20)

  1. mehdi mohammadi

    HOGE Island for sure when we hit these numbers.
    HOGE to buy land on the Island, mad

  2. mehdi mohammadi

    I see the $0.01-$0.05 in 6-9moths.
    In my opinion

  3. Nwankwo Onyebuchi

    I have my hoge in exchange ,will I get the bonus distributed?

  4. Peacefully Ready 🐺

    I'll get the wall art for my office

  5. Richard Russell

    Where do you buy Hoge right now? I heard soon after the audit they will be on more platforms. But where can it be purchased right now?


    it will hit 1$ just need time..needs to be on binance or coinbase

  7. Mansoor Khan

    Hodge is gonna give early investors who invest now or have already, hudge massive returns …. within week or even days. This is my honest assessment and hunch after having researched it. Yes 100x I also believe….and 1000x also little later down the road

  8. Deezzow

    HOGE will be the SUPERSTAR of crypto!! πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ and your rite about HOGE!! Its for the community!!

  9. Joey Allison

    HODL that Hoge!!!


    Its only a loss if you sell !!


    I just wish i can buy it on a real exchange😭 dying to buy but in america its super difficult

  12. Operation XRP

    Anyone that’s invested in xrp has no problem being a hoge hodler !this is easy !

  13. SanDiegoStream

    Where did the live stream of HOGE FINANCE with live price information go posted by HOGE HODLN? I can't find it

  14. Funniest one is the "Andrew memes" its the "But Carllllll" of today lol

  15. North_tracy


  16. Reich Reiner

    i would be pretty damn happy if hoge gets atleast 0.05 – 0.5

  17. Nick Manfredini

    XRP AND HOGE…… i like your style πŸ‘. Strong grip on that XRP

  18. Jason Lee

    You really think $1 is possible??
    I hope you right!

  19. Yaqub Hend

    Hey man! Great video Im holding with you!!!

  20. Zakaria Nur

    Yes Sirrrrr