Hoge + NASA Partnership! Space Satellite Campaign! $Hoge Coin News / Updates


Sending Hoge to Space? Yes, it’s a thing! Hoge will be sending a miniature satellite to Space in collaboration with NASA! CoinSniper? Make sure to make a vote on the platform for Hoge! Twitch Partner Influencer Travladd Crypto recommending $Hoge again! Telegram Voice Chat scheduled tomorrow for 7PM Eastern! Double check timing to be certain for your zone! Hogecoin ranked top 10 24h gainer by Cryptocurrency News CryptoIA! Finishing with the burn! Enjoy!

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Responses (29)

  1. Pocket full of Hoge 🔥

  2. This is mad, wow

  3. I’ve seen the steady drop but haven’t sold. This could be a good catalyst for growth.

  4. I'm hella excited for this
    What I'm not excited for is that hoge club meme in every video, at first I was like don't say anything but it's been a while and imma say it. I'm not a fan of that meme it was kinda stale after the 3rd video it was in lol but then again I don't know how to make memes so I don't have anything to contribute but my opinion. Keep it up with the videos homie I appreciate it! ❤️

  5. Thanks for another great video. I like your positivity .

  6. The space project is cool but not sure it’s best use of resources for Hoge. What do u think Crypto Camel?

  7. Lost so much money with Hoge lately

  8. Here's one thing Hoge has that NASA doesn't. Legitimacy. Fuck NASA, they are liars and deceivers. Space is fake, the heliocentric model is a bullshit religious belief that we are forcibly taught by law as children in the school system. Are you people in crypto to buck the system or to conform to it? NASA is garbage, this is garbage news. I have more faith in Hoge than I do NASA or Fake X and that puppet boy Elon Musk.

  9. This is just one small step for Hoge and one giant leap for cryptocurrency. 🚀🌙

  10. We’re going to space, literally. Hoge freaking rocks

  11. It HAS to send Hoge meme from space. Otherwise it's just research and science stuff ? Nooo thanks.

  12. Exciting news! Can't wait to see how it comes to life!

  13. HOGE to the Mother F’ing Moon… literally 😂

  14. Space race is on! Let's go Hoge!

  15. Better to get the whales out early than later. Hoge is going nowhere but up!

  16. Sounds amazing. Really hope it works out.

  17. This is amazing!

  18. Great content…keep posting mate.

  19. This is crazy! Wow.

  20. Great video as always man good stuff! Go hoge!

  21. Hoge is going to space! Too Cool.

  22. Now HOGE goes to the Moon literally! Yeah!

  23. Thanks for everyone who’s selling off, I’m getting more Hoge. Long term hodl

  24. Absolutely LOVE. IT 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Hoge Moon Mission

    Also Nickel Token on uniswap. Leslie David Baker aka Stanley from The Office came out with the Stanley Nickel crypto. Low supply low market cap, dont miss out marketing hasn’t even began. 1000x incoming 🚀🚀🚀

    I hodl HOGE as well