HOGE NEXT 100X COIN?! HOGE Price Prediction – Hoge Finance Explained


HOGECOIN the next 100x token? Hoge to the moon? here’s my review on Hoge Coin. This is a Fun, Deflationary, and Autostaking. It’s Doge, but DeFi as they say on their website. I do a deeper dive on this token and see if it’s worth investing in it long term. What do you think about Hoge finance or hogecoin?!


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*Disclaimer* I am not in any way a certified financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be one. Any information or advice I give you on any social media platform is simply my opinion based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee on anything due to the fact that there are many variables that play a factor in your success. Do your own research, do the work and take everything as an opinion.


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Responses (36)

  1. Viktor Magyar

    Go to the hell to level -99….

  2. Home Slice

    Thank you brother. Great review. $Hoge4Life

  3. Ciudadano Universal

    why you speak so fast, slow down bro

  4. What is Hoge’s utility?

  5. Nika Men

    hi khan what flatfrom can i buy hoge? thanks

  6. to teh moon

  7. maksymno

    Первый раз в жизни цыган помогает мне приумножить деньги, а не потерять их

  8. Christian Acosta

    I'm willing to lose it all!

  9. Dana Fielder

    what coin has debit card? im following u bra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sierria or cierra?

  10. Krispy Krem

    drop that how to get it hoge vid

  11. Hoge and Shib lnu great Projects 👍

  12. pump $HOGE to the moon

  13. blau licht

    Hoge Finance is a scam project! Be aware of your investment! Look at Etherscan the trading patterns of this scam project, u will see always similar patterns of buying and selling! Most of this comments are fake and bot generated!

  14. C A OB1

    its a fucking meme coin, these are the frst projects to dump when the markets steadies lol. no real value or product

  15. Heavy weight enthusiasts

    hahah dont lie I know you bought some right after this video

  16. Max Venturi

    white bit is so much cheaper than buying on uniswap

  17. westcoast painting365

    Hoge to the moon. Hoglers will reap the rewards with massive gains in the future. Hoge will be the future of cryptocurrency once it is more mainstream. People will see the potential and jump on board the hoge train. Everyone will want hoge. You get more hoge every transaction just by holding. It Is a win win

  18. joe francis

    Hoge will be the next biggest thing 🚀🚀

  19. The Paradise Library

    Hoge Bro is the vibe ! 😍

  20. Ricky Deluca

    Hoge army is growing. Hoge strong 💪

  21. What’s ur Thought

    Safemoon coins look more interesting . How to buy it. Thanks

  22. Mansoor Khan

    Hodge is gonna give early investors who invest now or have already, hudge massive returns …. within week or even days. This is my honest assessment and hunch after having researched it. Yes 100x I also believe….and 1000x also little later down the road

  23. Eric Eztli

    Let’s go! To pluto!

  24. xenplain

    $HOGE is good mkay.

  25. Damon Wicketts

    So funny, this is what doge holders are wanting but the doge market is seriously like a stable coin right now.

  26. Mikko Linna


  27. Denis Koprivica

    We are better without Elon, just to know

  28. David Tunnell

    Hoge is the future

  29. Kaan Tursucu

    Of course it will hit the moon. $HOGE

  30. Rafael C

    Here we go $HOGE fam. Dancing on the moon


    0.1 $ according to coin burned 58% supply burned more to come

  32. $HOGE will moon VERY SOON!!!!!!!

  33. Tradeg0d

    #HOGE 🍀🚀🎯

  34. YouSeeMeTrolling


  35. go for Hoge!

  36. captain teodor

    HOGE the Defi star of this bullrun! Safemoon is just a fucking scam, don't fall for it!