Hoge update, Shiba Inu update. Robinhood, Coinbase, Crypto.com list Hoge? Dogs in Vitaliks wallet!


There has been so much buzz around Hoge and Shiba but we all want to know when it will end if ever!

What is the next crypto currency to be listed on Robinhood?


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Responses (14)

  1. Loveeee this coin!! About to get so fun!!

  2. Hoge Finance is something you can invest with 100% trust. This is a solid project. Please do some research and you will Understand.
    Today it's 1st November 2021. Please comment here after 1 year if this Hoge doesn't reach to $0.1 by November 2022.

  3. Thanks man. Been in the Hoge since March and a constant supporter. Greatest community. Devs even answer everyone. And there going in all directions… even space. Hoge!

  4. I love how hoge is setting the bar before even shiba. With the exception to the shiba swap. Hoge has been first to beat shiba in everything. With gaming nft store nft gaming first to certik audit. Just really beating everyone in the market.

    Shiba may have shiba swap but to they have a literal space program?

  5. If hoge currently had shiba market cap we would be almost at .10 right now

  6. As a community I think we can reach .50

  7. Our time has finally come, Hoge to the mooooooon

  8. I love it when you say HOGE! CHEERS mah brother!

  9. Is there a date for this listing ?

  10. Thanks for the video fam
    Hoge is looking amazing along with Shib

  11. This is a guy who bought Hoge at 0.000090 in early August

  12. crypto aside, are you okay bro?

  13. Hello bud hope all is well man