"Hoge Will Surpass $100" Says Tommy Smokes + Doge Creator Support? Updates / News


Tommy Smokes says in 2024 “Hoge will surpass $100”! Doge creator recognizes Hoge, and Joel Madden is “holding Hoge”. KFCBarstool knocks on Blockfolio’s door to list Hoge and
Indian users tweeting to list Hoge! Finally, Las Vegas Billboards have been chosen! Enjoy!

Doge Creator in support of our meme cryptocurrency:

Tommy Smokes wild price prediction:

Joel Madden Shoutout:

KFCBarstool vs Blockfolio:


Hoge India:

Final Tweet:

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Disclaimer – I am not a financial advisor. Any investment / trade decisions you make are at your own risk! Links help support the channel! Thanks for watching!


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Responses (42)

  1. Crypto Camel

    Of course $100 is far fetched in terms of market cap, etc. , but hey, anything is possible

  2. Yanai Almalem

    EGOH really upped the ante huh

  3. D & J's Currywood

    Hoge finance has not even initiated a massive coin burn for price hike. Look its just a community driven token for everyone now. Just imagine whats gonna happen if hoge is initiating a massive coin burn plus its own projects and when comes to the notice of everyone like Shiba Inu, With such a less availability compared to other meme coins.!
    My mid finger satute for every analyst who thinks its more than impossible for hoge to reach 100$. Remember they said the same for even BTC once.

  4. TonyRay0

    The only problem with the vidja is, we need to warn people residing in the USA need to not use whitebit. If and when you do KYC or they find out you're in the US they will lock and close you out of your account without a refund. If you do use some of the exchanges mentioned, by sure to read their terms of service and use a VPN. Otherwise great!

  5. highkey…billym2k tried to hate on hoge till he realized mf's in hoge community aint no dummies

  6. Mohammed Waseem

    Which platform can I buy hoge

  7. Oliver Madera

    what apps support it

  8. Mini Apple


  9. Love HOGE, amazing project and teams, however it's built on the most expensive least friendly network for meme lovers! If it was on any other platform it would have beaten up there with Dog.

  10. David Rodriguez

    Hahaha don’t fall into these shitcoins! You WILL lose.

  11. Bing Bong

    Where can you buy hoge?


  13. PigBenis


  14. Shepherd

    I wouldn't allow myself to be limited by market cap. What's wrong with a trillion-dollar or multi-trillion-dollar market cap? there is no rule that says it's impossible

  15. Étienne Gagnon Juteau

    It's hard to make a price prediction since it's mostly about the volume. Because compared to a lot of other coin. If we move sideway, it's actually a winner move for the whole community cause the 1% burn keep burning. It's all about volume! Hoge at 100$ is possible, but in 2024… it will require a massive trading volume for the burn to have this massive effect. 0.50$ to 1$ in 2024 seems reasonnable.

  16. Unterkupfer


  17. I'll have my million tomorrow

  18. Mitch Thompson

    UGH! frigging dummies selling off everything once they make 3x or 4x gains. Come on people! If you bought Hoge now.. dont sell off after a couple weeks.

  19. Bart Burg

    For Hoge to catch up where Doge is today (fully diluted market cap), Hoge will have to go x83, I mean x83, not 83%. That would put hoge on 0.05$. 10$ from there is still 200x from that point. Really..?

  20. Jason Austin

    Great content Camel! Hoge has me hyped. I've doubled my money already!

  21. Cj infinito

    Where you guys buying this one?

  22. Bac Doc

    Up more than 45% today! It’s climbing steadily and shows no signs of slowing down. Go hoge!

  23. One Opinion

    Yea Hoge baby! Shib, hotdoge, Bakita, spacedoge, RichieRichCoin, Kishu, Octa, SafeMoon, CateCoin, Omi, all to the moon

  24. BlipzTV

    Great video bro! Very informative!

  25. Lepta TV

    $100 HOGE is definitely possible, it might take 15-20 years, but that burn will keep going and going. By that point nearly all of the 2% tax will be burned. It's hard to imagine it now, but if the supply gets low enough, mathematically it could happen

  26. French Letter

    You should also focus on the price! Its going up…woof woof

  27. Since this video has been posted price has gone up to .00075👌🏼 BULLS ON PARADE!!!

  28. dtitgoat

    $HOGE !!!

  29. Zach Warden

    Hoge to $1.00

  30. Ejiroghene Fomah

    How do I buy hoge

  31. Mitch Thompson

    I added more this morning.. 2 million hoge hodler

  32. EnlightenedTroll

    Hey folks. If ya look at the charts you can see HOGE has yet to have a real pump that takes it straight up several levels. The climb has been a steady incline. That's what ya want. When the pump comes we will already be at or close to a penny. We go from a penny to a quarter over night. And that's when we get to the MOON.

  33. Staggerson Jagz

    Tell me you don't understand markets without telling me you don't understand it: "$100 Hoge!"

  34. Mitch Thompson

    $100 is not gonna happen.. but definitely we will hit $0.01 before the end of this year.

  35. Mrcleanmo

    I’ve been holding and it’s doing great!

  36. onestunningdude

    It ain't passing $100. But it's going to the moon

  37. sithius99

    Another great video man, much love <3

  38. Zach Kreamer

    As always man great content! I’m working on a small project for $Hoge Finance due to you and Hoge father. Hope to share soon. $Hoge Nation!! 🚀

  39. I own Hoge!!!

  40. #hogearmy camel rocks!


    I love $hoge🚀🚀🚀

  42. xenplain

    $HOGE we pumpin?! #HOGE