How NFTs Have Become a Gateway Into the Metaverse


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) burst on the scene with a $69 million sale of Beeple’s digital art. Now players behind the so-called metaverse are betting “digital scarcity” will create a whole new ecosystem of play and commerce.

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Responses (35)

  1. Bloomberg Quicktake

    Would you buy an NFT?

  2. very poorly explained video

  3. DMN1337

    Desperate attempts to keep money moving, through uploading our scarcity, illusions and inequality to the digital world.
    A physical word driven by abstract wealth, while automating ourselves out of existance. Mass madness

  4. Schapenvuur

    GameStop will make the perfect marketplace for the transaction issues explained in this video



  6. ehsan Khazaei


  7. Arses A.R.

    Special people are watching this video.

  8. May Walker

    I feel like we are plowing a lot of real time, resources & energy into things which don't clothe people, grow crops, make medicine, build houses, pave streets or anything else particularly useful. I get that there is a lot of money involved, but so much of it seems to be based on speculation and is increasingly removed from real life society. If these systems all went up in air tomorrow, what would we have to show for it all?

  9. beatmetodeath

    I never thought I'd see the day where (Art Toys) and Digital Currency combined…

  10. Arrhenius

    The artwork sucks and they know it

  11. Haunted Toof


  12. Ceffrem

    L + cope + seethe

  13. James Henry Smith

    The concept of NFTs is fundamentally questionable at best. It sounds too much like the "sell a part of the Brooklyn Bridge" thing or the "sell a piece of the moon" thing.

  14. Kucing Kampung

    That's funny when they talk about "NFT Games" they don't talk what kind of the game it would be. As I saw from the "NFT Art", it keeps revolving around "This item will be sold at more expensive price" and how the selling starter would have more money as the item keeps sold… Wait, isn't it it like Pyramid Scheme?!

  15. Azan Ashraf

    which NFTs should I buy?

  16. Illuminated

    Metaverse is vaporware nonsense.

  17. Philip Larkin Waters

    Dear obliviousts, think through this for a minute: If you are a criminal who has been sitting on millions in crypto for your illicit deeds and you can't move it because the feds are watching all the crypto exchanges … what do you do? Buy art with crypto and sit on it for 30 years. Someone will buy your art later for cash all laundered and clean.

    Exorbitantly priced art in the digital world serves the same primary function it does in the real world – Money Laundering. It isn't so shocking.

  18. Percival

    They did say that the 69mill was a pump and dump for yet another token. This video is only popularising paid version of half-knowledge and perhaps into the pump and dump strategy themselves by finding new suckers for big players.

  19. Craig Thompson

    The NFT is not the physical image but rather linked to string such as a URL or IPFS hash.

  20. Screenshot, Screens record

  21. KG88 music

    What’s up with that Thelema Hexagram at 2:37 🤨

  22. LyteNight


  23. Gema Anggada

    It's the history that is valuable.

  24. jacqueline walker

    If you can lose money, then you can invest. this is what the game about. this world has become a game, so invest in yourself and be part of this game. If anyone is trying to stop this, well, that's the old school, the very rich, who will have to deal with what they been trying to avoid. But evryone not gonna get into this. So don't worry. for those that do and if it is done right. then a lot of people can live a life of less endangerment.

  25. jacqueline walker

    This stuff is already here/ there trying to stop people with little money to invest

  26. TomCruise82

    It seems so primitive to use ntf on jpegs, gifs and videos. It doesnt feel right, those formats are made for infinite sharing.

    Even if its made artificially scarce, Its like claiming a piece of air…

  27. Keith Draws

    NFT No fecking Traction.

  28. Norbert Ian Batocael

    Nahhh I see criminals make this just to add to their money laundering schemes….

  29. this video is just a big promotional ad for different products

  30. Felix Morel

    I don’t but I still like art pieces on my walls

  31. Janes Janes

    The more digital things become the more people become slaves. It was supposed to be the robot will do the work now its the robot makes you do the work.

  32. Alix Diaconis

    yall beat meta to the punch. nice!

  33. Vitaly Kuzmenko

    Nfts doesn't have proof of work concept. All computer generated. Picasso painting has. No proof of work equals cost noting in real world. Nfts are only for games, virtual worlds…

  34. Theres gonna come day when they will figure out how to merge those digital worlds into one. Thats going to be sick.

  35. Mark White

    $69M – fools and their money – easily parted!