How To Build A GPU Mining Rig | The Basics


In this video, I will give you a look inside my head of what I think of when building a GPU Mining rig and what steps I take. Watch this video if you are ready to build your mining rig!

πŸ”₯ Thank you ParallelMiner & AAAWave!
β€’ The Sluice V2 12-GPU Frame (Coupon: AAAMC20) –
β€’ The AAAWave Risers (Coupon: AAAMC10) –
β€’ Server PSU 2400 Watts –

⌚ Timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:24 – Overview
01:32 – Getting Started
03:17 – The Build
03:25 – Frame: AAAWave Sluice V2
04:27 – Motherboard, CPU, RAM
07:44 – SSD & Power Button
09:15 – PSU: ParallelMiner 2400w
14:24 – Power Cables Strategy
17:59 – Connecting Your Risers
20:19 – Optional: Installing Fans
20:40 – Cable Management
20:57 – Build Complete: Congrats!
21:08 – What’s Next?
21:59 – Outro

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⭐The Basics:
β€’ Part 1 – GPU Mining Rig Buying Strategy:
β€’ Part 2 – You are currently here πŸ˜‰
β€’ Part 3 – Motherboard BIOS Settings For Mining:
β€’ Part 4 – Which Operating System Is Best For Mining?:
β€’ Part 5 – Overclocking & BIOS Modding Guide:

πŸ”— Links & Resources:
β€’ GPU Mining Guides Playlist:
β€’ How To Ground Yourself:

βš™οΈ Other Parts used in this video (Some might be out of stock):
β€’ Motherboard – Asus B250 Mining Expert | On Amazon |
β€’ Memory [RAM] – 1 x 8GB DDR4 2400MHz | On Amazon |
β€’ Storage [SSD] – Kingston SSD 120GB | On Amazon |
β€’ Processor [CPU] – Intel Celeron 3930 | On Amazon |
β€’ PCI-E Splitter | On NerdGearz |
β€’ RX 5700XT Nitro Plus | On Amazon |
β€’ RX 580s 8GB | On Amazon |

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πŸ”΄ RX 6800 XT | On Amazon |
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  1. I forgot to add the clip to show the volume of the Server PSU but you will be able to find it in the common-questions channel on my Discord!

    Hope you enjoy!

    If your new and you need a place to start!
    ⭐The Basics:

    β€’ Part 1 – GPU Mining Rig Buying Strategy:​

    β€’ Part 2 – You are currently here πŸ˜‰

    β€’ Part 3 – Motherboard BIOS Settings For Mining:​

    β€’ Part 4 – Which Operating System Is Best For Mining?:

    β€’ Part 5 – Overclocking & BIOS Modding Guide:

  2. Why SSD? You guys don't seem to get M2 mSATA is smaller, cheap , ONBOARD (I wouldnt get a board without it)

  3. im just mad that you mixed ur thermal compounds

  4. Thanks for the video! I have a question regarding dual 8-pin GPU power supply. Based on ATX standard, one 8-pin connector can carry up to 150 W of power from PSU to Graphic Card. Since you are using splitter here for dual 8-pin GPU, which essentially still connects to only ONE 8-pin connector from PSU, does that mean you have to keep each GPU under 150 W power consumption limit in order to play it safely? Thanks!

  5. I've got a question. I have a fairly decent farm going right now (7 RX 580 8gb) and was wondering if you think it's worth it to buy new cards. I am only asking this because of the fact that mining Eth might go away soon.

  6. What motherboard are you using

  7. Hi sir, I sincerely can't be able to build this by myself, I would love to pay to get it built and done for me, if that's okay with you….and if you cannot, I would be glad if you can direct me to someone who can. Thanks looking forward to your response

  8. Hello, I am from Kosovo, I wanted to ask a question, I also want to start it, but I do not know what the preogram is, do we have to go to school, do I have to, how much do I need, then I started with a ponu, and how much is the price of electricity? meje thank you

  9. Can u power the Gpu & rise with type4 pcie 8 to 6 pin cable & also can u run 5500xt 5700xt on 1 line or are they to powerful

  10. how much we can earn monthly/daily ..after building the same setup as u??

  11. do you need a separate PC to run the rigs?

  12. Newbie here,, Do you give phone help to get a miner up and running? I bought a pre built cpu , installing my own graphics cards and need help getting it set up on mining. I don't understand language of bios etc. Please private message me. Thank you

  13. How long did it take you to do this from start to finish?

  14. All my life I can't stop to admire the way you put a smile on me and my household faces… I'm grateful sir .

  15. All my life I can't stop to admire the way you put a smile on me and my household faces… I'm grateful sir .

  16. Can I Use any motherboard or do I need a specific one?

  17. Hey i want to invest 50k on this but i have no ideal how it works

  18. Still confused 😐 once you hooked up all the cables and cards. Do you need to install windows? And then software to mine crypto? Where can I find tutorials how to setup software

  19. Gift me 0.5 btc please then I'll be able to build like this oneπŸ₯Ί please give me πŸ₯Ί

  20. How would i go by getting started ..i been looking in too mining. But i dont know where to start

  21. How much money do you pay for electricity to run that non-stop?

  22. I don't understand how connect gpu to pci slot.

  23. What’s the total price?

  24. Love the intro song

  25. What's a rising cable?

  26. Hi can I use Asus h81m d motherboard for mining

  27. thanks for me not being able to get a dream PC

  28. Thank you for sharing all this information. Since all new graphics cards are LHR version(I am collecting them @msrp), do you think build a 5or6 3090s rig is a good choices now?

  29. So I understand how to build the rig but I’m a bit confused on how to get it running and hook it up to with the computer. Is there a detailed video on this?

  30. how much did it cost?

  31. Plz seid your monthle earn money