How to Build in The NFT Space | The Easiest 100x Opportunity of Our Lifetime | DONT MISS THIS


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Responses (42)

  1. DK Invests

    Anybody watching this video, who wants to have a chat on building ?

  2. Shana_Chun

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  3. Shana_Chun

    I'm < gonna be honest my man. The greed right now on this whole FED thing is sky high. Everyone is saying crypto can only go up and spirts are very high. That's a sign we will see a massive crypto dump. People will realize the volume is not there like they thought it would be and panic sell causing a severe crypto market crash. Mark my words. I will be trading the whole way up with UtopianStrategy. I was able to make 16.5 BTC in just few weeks from implementing trades with guidance and signals..<You can reach utopian on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉utopianstrategy

  4. Thanks Brett for the video, great vid! I've been having the same mindset as you in relation to building something in the NFT community and found this video very inspiring. The onus is on me now to make something happen on my end.

  5. Jonas Hessling

    Great video Brett 🙏🏼 keep doing great🔥

  6. can you do a video on how to use discord for nfts and how you would go about finding connections to fulfill your visions ?

  7. Truly.A1

    what the fuck!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!

  8. Crypto Hunter

    Diz aí

  9. Williams Campbell

    thanks bro i was skeptical to launch with someone our vision for nft and you helped me to get confident for it

  10. Been creating in NFTs for awhile . Just started really collecting in Dec. Followed all influencers advice to the best of my ability. Every project has been like this just dumps at launch Even at a loss. These are very good projects too. It's lucky if floor ever recovers.

  11. Sibaphiwe Kayoni

    bro am i the only one who sees that brett is more comfortable around the camera.?

  12. Quantum Starr Sessions

    MMC going so hard!!!!!

  13. Michele P

    Outstanding video. I admire your thought process and appreciate the way you explain everything in detail, making it very understandable. Thanks for this information!

  14. John Lund

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  15. Magic Nifties

    Anybody else thinks marketing their nft projekt is hard? 😆

  16. Alx Kelly

    great video!

  17. Michael Melody

    Love your message Brett. I just got into the NFT space and it seems like everyone is making SO MUCH money. The FOMO is real and I keep seeing great projects and realizing that I don't have enough money to get into them right now. Your message is so crucial… this is so much bigger than money. This technology will inspire so many people to build innovative and life changing ideas. It will bring art and community to a whole new level. It will help the "little guy" feel like anything is possible. I'm so excited for this shift and glad I learned about this now.

    This is mania right now. Only invest what you can lose. Flipping is a very hard game, especially on your mental health, so please take care of yourself.

    Thank you for the great content! You gained a follower 🙂

  18. Sundayv Godson

    Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with Mr. Andrew Becker her skills set is exceptional.

  19. Sultan abuhashish

    You should check out Crookz NFT project going to the moon

  20. Esquibar Live

    great video brett. inspiring me to actually find my role in this space vs. waiting for it to be presented with it.

  21. Reese Stradley

    The Lamborghini subject, NFTs essentially will become the newer social media. More personable and dynamic than before. Social media sucks and obviously isn’t going anywhere , so maybe this is it getting better. Hahaha

  22. NTVision

    Thank you Brett!!

  23. Tigershark4

    positive like it

  24. Tigershark4

    hard to find the right team

  25. Angelo Bazan

    Hey brett what are your thoughts on whats going on with Castle Kid?

  26. Quintin Kuhn

    Wow, imagine that an education comes in an NFT form. That would be something that can definitely change the entire schooling system. THIS SHOULD BE DONE!!!

  27. appreciate this vid

  28. Sam Carter

    The most important thing from this video is the idea that success is a skill that has to be built no matter what your industry.

  29. Matthew Wadsworth

    I nominate you for worst nft content creator of the year

  30. Kalane AI

    "Billionaires are proven to be the best at allocating capital to add more value to society."

    Made me laugh out loud when you said it, but honestly it's pretty sad you actually believe that bullshit.

  31. ok i am sold , i wanna Build !! where do i start ?

  32. RG14 - Ryan Gonzaga

    Great insight Brett. Building web 3.0 and in the NFT space is something all entrepreneurs should be considering heavily.

  33. Rose Donato

    Your Instagram link doesn’t work hun

  34. Lin Val

    This content is like MIC DROP good ! talk about VALUE!!!!

  35. TheyCallMeMRmister

    Great video man!

  36. Kemet Coleman

    I respect the pivot bro! I appreciate this perspective. I am opening a brewery and want to build in the NFT space.

  37. icctrade

    Best reason to be in NFT space

  38. Hillary Perry

    Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with Mrs. Alexis Caballero her skills set is exceptional.

  39. Big Truss

    Man the energy of this video changed so much from when Sebastian featured you on his channel. So glad I did my own research and waited before investing into NFTs since everyone has these promises and crazy profits that’s difficult to duplicate even for someone like Brett. Don’t be fooled and do your own research

  40. arnis sinra

    Lets tray!

  41. Paulo Romero

    2:30 That's what you expect when there are youtubers talking about making 6 figures by flipping NFTs.

  42. Nicholas Kyle

    do you think it's going to be a good investment to buy the adidas NFT?