I explain NFT SPACE Sale, different rarities and why you should own at least ONE BIGTIME SPACE NFT LAND – I also show my collection! 🤩
👇⭐⭐All Timestamps Here⭐⭐👇
0:01 – Overview
0:15 – NFT Space SALE
2:31 – Which one Should you Buy?
6:15 – What is the Supply?
8:55 – Game Economy Loop
10:22 – How to BUY The SPACE NFT Land?
14:17 – You can still buy VIP Pass to Play the game in Q1 2022
14:56 – BIG TIME Team – AAA ⭐ AS IT GETS

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Responses (41)

  1. Difficult to buy mcrt

  2. If we can't buy the in game token, how do we sell it for money then?

  3. i wanted to say thank you. I see this project cuz of u. <3

  4. I bought 4 small epics and 1 small rare. Heard all the hype and needed to get in. Those were all I could get. I know they are not that valuable since they are not that rare but was it a good investment slot wise??

  5. this will be the largest pay to win game ever. so it will just hit a peak and then bye bye

  6. Interesting, exalted spaces are already selling for up to 10x.
    I think investors are overvaluing the value difference for rarities. Wouldn't 4 small rare spaces be the same as 1 exalted small space (8 total slots)? Yet the price difference is huge. I guess it depends on how the game mechanics will eventually work. But it's an interesting comparison.
    I wonder if the market will cool down or keep going up.

  7. i was convinced, thanks for the alpha!

  8. so buying an epic small not worth it? small epic n small rare available now 🙁

  9. do you think the second land sale will adjust to the current price of land in the secondary market?

  10. I was trying to buy SPACE for 50 minutes during sale. Finally succeeded with buying legendary medium and rare small. That was all my budget could afford. lol

  11. Thanks for doing this video. Where can we find this powerpoint so I can have it to review?

  12. Can u please make a video on KYC PROCEDURE ?

  13. And how to make money with spaces if only i can use?

  14. This is a nice dev, adding Metagod to this collection will be awesome, new projects are really heating things up

  15. I bought the Mythic small, great videos by the way keep up the good work.

  16. You say 5 sockets are a minimum then why are they selling Epic small and Rare small. I have purchased those already so looking for further suggestions.

  17. I bought small legendary. Its has 4 sockets. So i wont be able to forge weapon since i need to use time keeper all the time and only have 2 socket remaining?

  18. what i dont understand is it will be free to play but u also need the hourglass to play . so either u have caped time wihtout glas or i dont know . i know u can find space tokens and other nft while playing but to start playing u dont need anything i guess at a certain level u get ur timekeeper , but it will be a fucking nice game for real players

  19. I was there at the start too, was brutal. Got some legendary spaces though

  20. Waited 2:30hrs before success

  21. To late for most people but it got could afford it buy mythic and exalted. I was only able to buy two small legendary and a Medium.

  22. Wow, any price of these will be a bargain in 12 months.

  23. If I get a small rare and small epic does that mean I can get both the forge and timekeeper in the same world?

  24. Hey I have a quick Question.

    Can I combine Rare Medium with the small legendary ?

    Thank you for the video by the way!

  25. I don't understand the point of having small ones that you can't even forge with. Can you use the timekeeper until full, then disconnect and connect the forge for a while and trade off?

  26. They said no more space was going to go for sale except on secondary market. The rest of the space is going to be in-game loot which will be extremely rare.

  27. Rare medium vs Epic Small?

  28. I bought some SPACE! 🥵🤯🍾

  29. Will this be available on ps5

  30. Another super early great quality meta-project that is so early the tokens are not out yet #Ertha

  31. I bought a rare small. How can I make money if I can't forge with it? Was buying rare small a mistake?

  32. It says you can put the time keeper in 2 slots on the description so wy you say you cant use the small rare ?

  33. Yo thanks for the info
    Can you still farm token with a small rare or u need absolutely the forge ? If not can you increase the slots in your smal space ?

  34. does anyone know if you could combine spaces? just say a bought a medium Epic space and a small Rare space. would I be able to combine those though the gameplay and have 6 blots?

  35. I don't know if someone that knows a little bit about the game can answer my question. If we can arrange all our SPACE of all size and rarity, why would someone buy a large or medium SPACE over a small one since the price per socket is cheaper for small SPACE?

    Wouldn't it be better to just buy multiple small ones? In the end, what matters is the amount of socket you have and the rarity of your sockets, right?

    Obviously, you can not install a forge between 2 space (which makes sense).

    But you can install stuff on each space!

    For example, you could have 1 Small Mythic (5 sockets) on which you can install 1 forge(3 sockets) and 1 timekeeper(2 sockets).

    And you can have 1 Small Legendary (4 sockets) where you can have 2 timekeeper(2 sockets).

    My point is, after doing the math, the price per socket is cheaper for SMALL SPACE.

    I really don't see the point of having bigger then SMALL.

  36. We will see they said there will be extra functions to the rarity of the spaces and its also denoted in the image of the last blog post.

  37. hey i just wanna invest in the game but can only buy the small rare .. is it worth it? thanks for the video!

  38. Legendary small or Rare medium .. what is better and why ? Thanks

  39. hey, the one that i wanna buy alreadu sold out. heard some people said that we can buy it on secondary market but i didnt understand how since im kinda new to nft. hope you can help, btw thanks for making a video bout this gem!

  40. You can BUY SPACE NFT LAND Here🤩 –