Welcome to the channel! The goal of this channel is to introduce you investing in stocks,crypto, and eventually real estate. I’ll be introducing you to new tokens, stocks that i’m looking at, as well as ways to make passive income off both types of investments. The goal is financial independence! Lets get it!

Disclaimer: All the stock/crypto pick videos are my own opinion, please do your own due diligence and research before investing. Some of the links in here are affiliate links where I do get a kick back from the company.


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I am not a financial advisor by any means. Just a guy showing my own strategies on how to navigate personal finances through my own experiences!

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Responses (36)

  1. Brian Makes Benjamins


  2. Jess C.

    The fees are horrifying high

  3. Hans Juker

    My god, look at all the paid schills

  4. dancingrockz

    #SaitamaInuWolfPack 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Ricky Deluca

    $HOGE is a sleeping giant.

  6. Crypto Camel

    thanks for talking about $Hoge, #hoge

  7. ashmedai91

    Great video!

  8. joe francis

    Big future for this project only good things coming it’s way 🚀🚀

  9. Victor Felix

    I’m so happy ☺️ I have been earning $18,000 returns from my $6,000 Investment every 13 days.

  10. Austin Alley

    I keep seeing hoge is a good investment. Someone explain to me why the price has now declined to 0.00013 and might go lower . What is the cause of this ? 4 months old but can anyone explain . Can this get to doge coin lvs in years to come .

  11. sharp shooter

    I'm confused…. How is this a good TOCKEN?…… I ran the numbers and this seems to be a get rich quick by the creators…

    Without getting into the details and boring mathematics if HOGE is deflationary and is to do what they stated in your video this coin/token will be dead by 2023/2024. Just look at the burn rate vs the total market this whole thing is a joke.

    This is to say that if they do stop burn rates all together YES it will sustain life but wouldn't it make it inflationary thus making it no better then doge or Shiba coin?… Yes I have actually numbers to show this work. But this is literally going to burn it's supply out to 0 or become a true meme coin and die with the rest. Unless someone can show other wise. Intelligent debate here no bull.

  12. Jake Donahue

    Love me my Hoge!

  13. Sunil Dhule

    Sir, Please try to make video easy indian language

  14. Yohmygod Beats

    Love your videos bro. How can I DM you about making a video on a new coin? Thanks.

  15. Intraday Tech Mumbai

    Very good Fantastic Brother 👍

  16. Hoge loves all 🙂

  17. Bigb69.

    Woo trade. dont sleep on it. it will be a game changer it has a reason for being a token. $woo

  18. BlindSight2020

    Hoge is my doge, glad i got in early. When this blows up I'll be able to retire my parents! And maybe myself 😎

  19. Matthew Veronica

    l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her
    comment below
    let's gooo

  20. rizvan54

    There is absolutely no doubt that lack of knowledge is a major barrier to crypto adoption.Crypto has been a hot topic of discussion lately even for those outside the core crypto community, but unfortunately, it's not for the best of reasons.Most newbies and "would-be" investors often undermine and most often neglect the importance of technical analysis with regard to trading.Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market. Making a decent benefit off crypto is simple if and just in the event that you can track down the correct section point and leave point in your day exchanging.Somebody I found that has immensely assisted me with this is Mr Paul Heinze.He has a framework that is so powerful it astounds me.I have been utilizing his signs and techniques and have turned out a noteworthy benefit throughout the most recent two months. I have got my portfolio to about 14BTC.He makes you learn while earning massively on how to trade stocks / crypto profitably.. He can be reached through Tҽʅҽgɾαɱ @(trader7474) .

  21. Jimmy Brown

    hoge is my sleeper… everybody than forgot about it till it move a couple more zeros nd ill be there licking my chops sitting on 25mill right now… good time 2 buy now as well… just got to get tht market cap up

  22. Sam Maccarone

    Love this coin!!! Glad to have you on board!! Only thing it needs is more ears to hear everything HOGE is doing

  23. mehdi mohammadi

    HOGE is a good long term coin.

  24. Great video mate but you missed my upcoming videogame Hogeman! #Hoge family! If you wanna try the demo it’s here: The instructions are in the readme in the folder, just run the game and enjoy more to follow soon!

  25. Hoge 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀=? To where??

  26. RONY STEVEN Gallego

    Hoge es un gigante dormido y cuando esto explote . Aplastara el mercado !

  27. Home Slice

    $HOGE is the bullest little bulldog! Completed and current roadmap include DAO in development, NFT platform, DeFi swap exchange, video games, charity fundraising, and memes interstellar!!! We Meme Business.

  28. Marko Pola

    I love watching my #Hoge growing in my wallet each day. Even when the market is down my Hoge holdings are always going up.

  29. Levii Smith

    go #hoge go!

  30. Brandon Hicks

    I’ve studied a lot of coins and HOGE is by far the best for a start-up coin. Super excited!

  31. Justinevo

    Thanks brian for naming Hoge!

  32. attackmanlax11

    Hoge is low key the best investment ever

  33. Carlos Bezerra

    #hoge is the way!

  34. Eric Eztli

    I love HOGE. We are a dedicated community.

  35. David Ickringill

    Great content and nicely summed up helping your viewers sort the wheat from the chaff. Totally bullish about HOGE

  36. ashmedai91

    HOGE is the first DeFi memecoin to get audited by Certik, run a DAO structure, and fully doxx their Dev team. Love the meme community too. We have a space program too ;P