How to Create 3D DIGITAL COLLECTIBLE CARDS ! NFT Art Tutorial – Adobe After Effects No Plugins


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How to Create 3D DIGITAL COLLECTIBLE CARDS ! NFT Art Tutorial – Adobe After Effects No Plugins
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In today’s video, we’ll go over creating 3d digital collectible cards using only adobe after effects. With the NFT boom giving digital artists a new platform, I think its important to teach skills like this that may open doors to new opportunity. We’ll talk about 3 ways to create your card, creating your camera movement, customizing the card, 2D into 3D extrusion technique, and more!!!!

0:00 – Intro
1:23 – 3 Ways to create your card
1:47 – Using a card template (easiest way)
2:22 – Method 2 shape layers
2:30 – Method 3 Photoshop (most details)
3:02 – Setting up what’s in the card “window”
7:15 – Alpha matte to complete the window
8:30 – Setting up the camera / movement
10:45 – Customizing the card
14:20 – USEFUL TIP – Make anything 2D into 3D
17:30 – Post effects (glow, light)
19:02 – Element 3D plugin optional

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Responses (22)

  1. Sorry, which Programm do you use for it? Thanks

  2. Videos can be copied .it is not nft.Am i wrong?

  3. Hey. What extension of the file i can use so the 3D NFT will be visible on the nft market ?

  4. why dont i have the TrkMat option when following these steps ? just blank / nothing to toggle ?

  5. Thanks, I made 20000 dollars.

  6. You're amazing.

  7. i am sorry but, how the cards window turned into black when u put it in after effect ….. with me it turned into white

  8. Can I add a moving object inside the card instead of just a pic?

  9. hey, so my question for you is that i am having a problem with the saving/exporting files to like open sea. it's coming up AEP and i need something else. help please i only have one day left on the free trial xD

  10. Definitely need a S2 for 2022 Mike

  11. Wow! I enjoyed this video. Mike don’t leave us hanging bro. S2! S2! For 2022! This is pandemic medicine for us.

  12. how do i export it as a MP4 ?

  13. We make metaverse nft drawings and sell them at high prices.. We have put drawing videos on our page, you can check it out.

  14. If i list my 1 nft out of 2000 and pay gas fee for that first ( on opensea ).
    Then after that i have to pay gas fee for every nft or it will free to list. ( remember , its after listing the 1st one ).
    Can you please answer ????????? Please

  15. Your tutorial is great. But for some people with struggled in your language is hard to understand and follow your tutorial because it's too fast. Pls. Be slowly so we can follow your tutorial.

  16. how do i make the card move by itself so that it shows off the 3D like in the beginning with musk

  17. You rock! I went to your website but couldn't find where to buy the template to make the 3D cards. Can you please send a link?

  18. Can any of this be done on ipad ? I don’t have the keyboard or mouse

  19. great video! i've ran into a weird issue though… can anyone help? basically, I set up a little 3d scene within my card with some lights. when I switch back to main composition the lights are not rendering. Anyone know how to fix this?

  20. Thanks man! Btw nice pendant around your neck, I think we have similar roots thanks to our parents.