How to Create a 3D Card Effect in After Effects |


– Create a 3D trading card in After Effects with this simple breakdown. Check out the blog post for more information, plus a free download of the project file.

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Responses (45)

  1. Love this tutorial but i got problems with the camera. When i click to rotate on the Y axis, the card start rotating outside the scene like the axis is the point where i am and not the Axis of the card, i am a beginner i don't know what to do

  2. Cool stuff, will def put this to use in some manner.

  3. just thankis thankis my hero

  4. So I followed this to the T and the card I made came out perfect! When I was done I wanted to add some fire to follow along with the image I originally selected that moves from the bottom of the image window to the top, but the fire I added (also selected 3D) moves off corse in the main comp. It looks perfect in the image window comp thou. Any suggestion?

    Edit: it's an mp4 that I set the mode to "screen"
    I don't have the same problem with a png, I just tried it.

  5. Don't know how I bumped onto this. All in all Damn good clip 🥇. I also watched those similar from NAJ Mentor and kinda wonder how you guys make these vids. NAJ Mentor Tutorials also had cool info about similar things on her vids.

  6. So How can i get the heart?????

  7. Super helpful, very well explained. Thanks !!!!!!

  8. Which program do you use?

  9. How can I like a video 10million times?

  10. thx alot for the project file saved me some time…

  11. Hello sir, i have question. Why when i klick 3d layer on "back card" he disapear? (In the video you said to click image window, hologr area and cardback)

  12. How do I make the card spin

  13. hey, the track matte doesnt show up on my end?

  14. How do I export to show all my friends

  15. how can you let the card looks thick when his on the side, for example, you have a back front and sides right

  16. Wow man, from beginning to end, you made this super easy and fun to learn. Definitely subscribing, thanks brotha!!

  17. What is the ipad pro equivalent of this app

  18. Can create and be used as NFT, isn't it?

  19. thank you so much man this tutorial is krazyy🔥💥

  20. Please give Android tutorial of this

  21. Did you use Polygon for multiple supplies? It seems ethereum does not support creating multiple NFTs.

  22. well i dont get it in what format to export the NFT after i am done .
    or its it okay to be in a video format to

  23. You have no idea how helpful this is for me, I definitely plan on swinging back and showing some more love and definitely some support as I incorporate this technique into my flow and helpful I reach my goals where I can come back and really show a healthy amount of support. I am very grateful, so much. Wish me luck friend and keep up the great work. I am very excited for the great projects I'm going to create and this is going to help me on my journey so much. I will definitely be seeing you soon and I will definitely let everyone know where I learned this.

  24. This video single handedly taught 1000s of people of how to make the EXACT same NFT and its so obvious when you look at the market lol
    Great tutorial but goddamn you see the same card design everywhere

  25. So you have to have a subscription to after affects to use this project you made?

  26. hello what software are you using

  27. How would I be able to export with a transparent background and properly loop the entire composition forever, so I may import into media encorder and create an animate gif?

  28. Great, sir Please also More Tutorials on After Effects,

  29. This was very useful. Thank you so much!

  30. what the name of this software

  31. Amazing tutorial! I just became a lifelong subscriber!

  32. Another question: when the card is finished, how do you render it and how do you delete the excess background?

  33. This took all afternoon but i managed to create something. Not everything worked tho. But ok, better then most tutorials on YT

  34. Not the best for beginners, he goes very fast and doesn't explain a lot of things

  35. Thanks for sharing this! really clear and well explained! cool as shit! 😀

  36. does anybody know how to render a 3d animation in after effects? what's the format? thanks

  37. any help here cause when i click to 3d the card back it turns the whole card blue

  38. Thank you for this tutorial! Helped me a lot! Still have a question, in the beginning of the video you were talking about the possibility to even scan some cards I own and make them 3D. Could you maybe help me out getting that done? Would really appreciate it!

  39. hello…im just curious that 3d can we make into gyroscope?

  40. Can you make tutorial in android?