How to Create EPIC Hype Reels


In this video, I teach you how to edit epic hype reels like a professional and I even give away a few secrets.




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0:00 Intro
1:00 Sports Videography Community
1:41 Perfect video length
2:49 How to pick a music track
3:49 How to build your timeline
6:00 How to use sound effects
7:05 How to build your intro
7:30 Editing hacks
10:49 Conclusion



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Responses (41)

  1. This was legit! All the tips were dope and I would have never thought about that trick for more impact on my music. Your stuff is always helpful. Great job! 🙌🏾

  2. How do you get the sports videos in the first place? Like download them to ur laptop? The whole game?

  3. How’d you do some of the effects??


  5. How do you find your clips from your intro?

  6. PLease a video with effects in the best moment… when hit a punch or a ball.

  7. Amazing content. really thank you!

  8. This is what I needed! Thank you!

  9. Sure to subscribe you bro

  10. I've just started getting into video editing and busy makiing a trailer for my offroad racing game. These tips are so helpful. Thanks!

  11. What editing program/software is recommended

  12. Omg game changer!!!! Great video man… i feel inspired… needed this.. 👊🏿💯🇬🇧

  13. Like how do you make football edit

  14. how do you get the videos

  15. Dude, you're amazing

  16. how do you get the footage if you're not there?

  17. This was so informative yet simple and easy to follow, also so true, watching a video as the second person in the audience was a understood but underrated reminder. Thanks a lot!! Loved it

  18. Brooo, thankssss a lot, God bless you

  19. Who’s the girl in the beginning?

  20. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING ❤️👍❤️👍 I recommend to make a video to explain The Sync in details and how to make a good one. Why? because this part it's extremely important and really affects on the whole video. Most of the new creators they don't know about it "I was one of them one day"

    Thanks for your effort man!

  21. Honest and to the point as usual, BIG LIKE! and watched the Ads "FULL" 😉

  22. What is the best way to find football footage for a hype reel

  23. This was really helpful brother, Thank you!🙌

  24. love the fact you used the Seige in the music🙌🙌

  25. Man you are a great teacher. you make the videos enjoyable to watch!! AND IM LEARNING lol

  26. What´s the color-effects at the clips around 0:21called? Like what do I search to find videos on how to make it?

  27. how do you get your footage? how do you get it to be hd?

  28. how do you get the clips to use?

  29. "We as viewers couldn't care less" had me died

  30. Sir, Great video ! Thank you for sharing your tutorial! I got several really interesting insides even that I work already 5 years as a Videographer and evidences that I am on a right way

  31. Where do people get great quality footage, all mine is blurry that I try to use

  32. What editing program do you use

  33. Love that value~ from a person at the other side of the universe

  34. well. where do i get the sport videos from.

  35. I started to edit highlight video as part of my livelihood and this video helps a lot. I already subscribe 😀
    thanks man

  36. Ohh my gosh, i'm so glad I found this chanel. This is going to help me out a lot.

  37. thanks!!!!!!!!!!