How To Invest In Crypto Full Beginners Guide in 2021


This is the ULTIMATE Guide on how to get started in cryptocurrency investing for beginners.
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I recommend signing up for multiple brokerages as mentioned in the video. Some platforms have coins listed on the exchange unlike others and give you the ability to still trade if one goes under for maintenance like we have seen before in the past.

Watch this video after: How To Choose Which Crypto To Invest in 2021

0:00 Introduction
1:31 What is Bitcoin & How Does it Work?
3:26 How To Send and Receive Crypto
3:50 Reviewing Official Statements
5:08 The Official Whitepaper By Satoshi
6:23 What is the Blockchain?
7:36 Blockchain Transaction Walkthrough
9:46 Buying $5000 worth of Bitcoin using Coinbase
14:30 How to move Crypto to cold storage (Ledger Nano X Tutorial)
17:58 Conclusion

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