How To Mine Ethereum & Make Money 2022 Tutorial! (Setup In 10 Minutes Guide)


Want to make money from Ethereum? I make $100 a day from mining Ethereum and in this tutorial I will show you how to get setup for beginners in less than 10 minutes.

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Making money with Ethereum is becoming easier because the price is going up. You can make more my mining the coin and it’s the most profitable coin to mine in 2021. You will need a GPU to do this or you will need a complete mining rig. Most tutorials for beginners are complicated so i want to show you a faster quicker way to get stared.

The first step is head over to a website called Minerstat and download the client to your computer. You can do this on mac or Windows. Once you have done this ,follow the steps I do in the video. This is the best way for beginners because you don’t need to mess with any code. You can start making money in less than 10 minutes.

I make about $100 a day mining Ethereum online and it’s a great way to make a side income. You should be able to make a little bit of money each day from mining Ethereum from your GPU.

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  2. Sir is this going to all be valid still after they upgrade to ETH 2.0 next year?

  3. Your pc have to be a beast

  4. 484 Mh/s ?! how many grphic cards u got?

  5. Can someone explain my graphics card is a 3060ti and in the video it says the it mini 16 but it Actually mini 3.25

  6. Can you mine eth with a laptop with a rtx 3060 or 3070?

  7. Do you need a mining rig to mine the Crypto?

  8. I can't find my GPU for mac book pro among the list

  9. doesnt the electricity used cause the mined eth to be minimal profit???

  10. just as usual: the rich get richer, the poor stay poorer. I could hardly gather $6 a week ago to buy a new mouse and cocksuckers in 1st world countries own 8 cutting edge GPUs. The fun of being lucky to be born in a 1st world country….

  11. Do you have node mining video so people can understand the difference of node mining pool ?

  12. Hi all! Beginner here, just a quick question. Let’s say I do this on a RTX 3060. With the money I make from mining with that GPU, I invest in buying a second one, later a third and so on.
    The question is, how long does a GPU last when mining like this? Does the GPU wear out or anything like that over time?

  13. @franklin hatchett so I set everything up, added my wallet address. Everything like you said….. does the etherium go directly towards my wallet as it mines and adds up to the current etherium I have? Or do I have to wait some time for it to be added to my wallet?

  14. How do I get more cards?

  15. I cannot find this pool address, what should I choose

  16. Could I use my binance or coinbase wallet?

  17. I don't have that pool?

  18. 11:34 I am not very clear, how that payout works? how to get the cash on my hand? does it send it to my bank?

  19. followed step by step but now my My pc just keeps restarting cycle after i open the minerstat app. even if i choose stop mining. i need to close it out with x to prevent a restart. something about eth pills distributing then screen goes matrix and restarts. i have tried to turn off firewall, antivirus, defender but no difference in results. Checked reddit, way over my skill level. Any advice? running a 1080 w an i7-8700, atomic wallet

  20. I just checked the rtx 3080 daily income, what is it your you guys in the UK for GBP? Just wanna make sure I know it isn’t my area or something

  21. what is a graphic c
    ard and how do i get this card?

  22. Is it possible to change the hash rate? When the miner runs the whole computer becomes slow. I have 1 graphics card GeForce GTX 1070ti but I am working on the computer and when the miner runs then everything lags.

  23. Even if you get 15 bucks a day that adds up nicely

  24. so I'm assuming any eth wallet like metamask right?

  25. How do you attach/add 8 graphic cards to the computer? can you please make a video?

  26. Can you please share link

  27. win is the emoji.

  28. My Mac say it’s not supported…

  29. Yes i got it 🔥🤩

  30. Can I use an Intel graphics card

  31. So we create our account we address ?

  32. I have a problem where when I'm using my laptop as its mining I get like 2.20$ per day but when I stop using my laptop and leave it to mine it drops to like 0.69$ per day then when I start using it again it goes back to 2.20$ per day when I stop again after a while it will go back to 0.69
    Is there any fix for this

  33. Hi why my worker offline? Can you help me

  34. Click bait… the cost of GPU’s would kill you to start. I’m a miner, but to throw out $100 a day without the risk and cost is bs.