How to Mine Ethereum on Macbook Air M1 2020


2020 Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip


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Parallel Miner:


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Responses (32)

  1. PrimeXBT: Use Promo Code SonofaTech at sign up for a %50 bonus

  2. Open terminal window? How do I do that. You just opened it without instructions.

    update: to open a Terminal window, open your Mac apps launchpad and search Terminal

  3. i tried mining, used the same mac ….my mac stopped breathing for a minute😂😂

  4. Hey, I got an MacBook Air 2015 and I'm keep on getting {zsh: bad CPU type in executable:} error. Any tips?

  5. I'm just wondering if I have one of the m1 pros or m1 maxes as a development computer if it makes any sense to run this in the background 24/7? Will the performance affect other things also is there a problem with setting up to mine on a computer like that overnight when I'm not using it and then shutting it down What are the implications there?

  6. At least it's not a click bait
    Tanks for the truth….. nowadays internet is full of lie's

  7. how will this run on a MBP M1Max? Just to have it running in the background when the MBP sits idle

  8. Try the new M1 Pro and the M1 Max for mining, please

  9. how would the M1 Pro and the M1 Max perform in MH?

  10. 15 cents per day😆😅😅

  11. is it worth to do it ?

  12. Is there a more dumbed-down version of this video? wdym change it to my eth address? 4:35

  13. Hey can you show all the specifics on how to get started with a Mac mini M1 chip???

  14. So this is using the m1 as gpu not cpu? I thought it would make more than this tbh. Then again the cpu has FAR better benchmarks than the gpu on these, and cpu doesn't do that as well for mining, so I guess it kind of makes sense

  15. Thanks for doing this correctly…this other guy fucked it up in so many ways. He looked up wattage for mac mini instead of macbook pro which he was using, so he put it down as like 25 or 30 watts, then he put like H instead of mH or something IDK it was all fucked up. It showed him losing like 5 cents per day or something lmao

  16. i'm getting this error zsh: bad CPU type in executable: ./ethminer.

  17. Wow this might be the only gpu mac minr available! amazing job!


  19. I am getting – Bad CPU type in executable

  20. why mine says bad cpu type in executable

  21. Is that an 8 or a 7 core GPU? I'm guessing an 8 would be better than a 7 for improving hashrate? Noob here.

  22. Thanks for the information.

  23. I get Bad CPU type in executable after pressing enter on command to mine, any suggestions on how to address this?

  24. Do you think that blockchain Development work on Mac m1?

  25. my old gaming rig reads about 130 watts at the wall, with a r5-3600x and a gtx1070 ti.
    not exactly cutting edge but it gets about 25 megahash's, so i guess the watt to hash scales compared to a mac M1 performance.

  26. I have an error for “socket read failed: Connection reset by peer” . Solution?

  27. but can you do this on an older mac?
    using the intel irish 6100 1536?
    and if so

  28. How do you close and restart the application? It keeps coming up saying terminated when I try to execute the same command after I’ve stopped the mining.

  29. How do you find your Eth address please? Cannot find anywhere where to do this?!

  30. So I downloaded the file and followed the directions you showed in your video. I’m trying to figure out what I did wrong, or didn’t change. I got and error “bad cpu type in executable: .ethminer” what does this mean

  31. it starts and then shortly after it says its terminated, what should I do?

  32. 5:24 to save you all some time