How To Mine TON COIN | Less Power And More Profitable Then ETHEREUM?


How To Mine Ton Coin
In this video I show you how to Mine TON COIN for gpu mining In windows 10 as well as Hiveos. Rumor’s are it makes more then Ethereum I will be doing a 24h profit test in the future but for now this is how to mine it if you choose.

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Responses (49)

  1. Are You Mining TON COIN? Hows Your Profits?

  2. thank you for your video. been mining ton for months like crazy on all my rigs… after all the youtubers post about ton, now difficulty increase and profitability is the same like eth.
    thank you to you all youtubers
    hope this youtube earnings is worth for you not able to mine ton as well as its not more profitable than eth now.
    sleep well, tons (maybe not miners) will thanks you too.

  3. bro i have gtx 1060 6gb and using lol miner on hive os so that oc i use to get max outout

  4. Hello! I mining TON with AMD RX 6900xt, 4,1 GHs/135W !!

  5. I just put my rtx 3080 on a this whale pool for 15 hours. it mined 0.981 TON. current price of TON is 3 cents. I just wasted 15 hours of mining on this crap coin.

  6. When does Whales Pool payout?

  7. I see that their is 2 miners for ton. Ton pool miner and lolminer. Which one is better?

  8. Do you use arch linux?

  9. /stats for dashboard

  10. how do you cash out

  11. Tbf withdrawl isn't a word.

  12. As always a very clear video with a good explaination

  13. is there a ton calculator?

  14. The 2060 does 1800 Mhs

  15. 6x 3080FE with 250 Core/-2000 Mem/230 PL on HiveOS gives 23.98GH/s @ 1375W. Will see how much TON in 24hrs.

  16. Don't mean it as a negative comment, but some of the messages say 1.70 TON daily revenue (or is that a wrong avg calculation on their part) ? TON being at $3.03, that does not seem much profitable to me while consuming that much electricity.

  17. I watched this video over and over. Thanks for your hard work. My RTX3070 and RTX3090 all mine this baby now.

  18. Am I good to use the whale pool with only one gpu like does the whale pool mean anything do I need multiple?

  19. Thanks man, awesome info!

  20. So I like this coin but I test trial sending my coin to a trading market, and the one I am using only has 42 letter wallet address but toncoin requires 48 letters… I am confused whats going on here lol

  21. Thanks nice vid as always

  22. Hi, How can i disable cpu mining?
    I have 6 x RTX 3060 Ti.
    My CPU has 100%
    How to turn it off ?
    on windows 10 on danila miner ?

  23. 5 Coins + .25% fee when bridging the coin over.

  24. You mean was more profitable until YouTubers ruin it

  25. ETH, crash and burn….amen brother

  26. Price now: $0.03111 🤣

  27. And how to cash out?

  28. How to join your telegram group ? My miner doesnt connect

  29. You are showing wrong coin price actual price for the TON is 0.03 dollar and the one you are showing is TONCOIN so dont show misleading info please

  30. But how do you get it off the wallet

  31. I get "no working connection for 300 seconds" even with the stock ton lol miner. I do not change anything and I get that error. I also get the same error if I insert my address. any help is appreciated. Thank you

  32. can’t believe this my first time dealing with 👆. and I was surprise about my rewards 🙏 so fast legit and spendable

  33. Same shitcoin as AVN…

  34. is it possibile to use both CPU and GPU at same time?

  35. Some reason my lolminer software won’t run it after I add my wallet. Getting error with pool and connection? Any suggestion?

  36. Just started, how often do they pay or how it works? There's no way to track it like with ethermine?

  37. After 1 day lolminer: Unrecoverable memory error by GPU 2.10h 57m

    >lolminer: Unrecoverable memory error by GPU 0.12h 20m

    >lolminer: Unrecoverable memory error by GPU 0.13h 48m

  38. Whales pool has been down for hours now for me miner connection errors

  39. Great video with a clear explaination. Thanks for including HivesOS as well. Thanks

  40. ton coin or ton token?
    u said ton coin but logo of the wallet app is ton token

  41. How to convert it into USDT.? AND WITHDRAWAL.?

  42. anyone else getting errors when connecting to pool about a security service protecting itself from online attacks? i can't mine this token with 2060 and 3060s due to this 🙁 i'm using same pool and lolminer

  43. 6.15 dls per hour with how much mining power? a 3080 what would be your profit per day?

  44. Do another video with 24 hours profits.
    Seem a good coin to mine and then trade for others

  45. Is nvidia get better HR than AMD? coz I test 6600xt (1127) vs 1660 (1287) still 1660 get better HR than 6600xt

  46. What settings are people using on 3090s?

  47. make weekly earnings on cryptocurrency and metaverse stocks through her strategy when you contact her. I really appreciate the effort of Amelia who made it happen.

  48. How can I add a backup pool for lolminer on windows? Any idea?

  49. I'm just starting to experiment with mining. After setting everything up when I run lolminer I get a "DNS over HTTPS resolve failed". Does anyone know how to fix this. Thanks!