How to play NFT cards on KAKA NFT World


KAKA is home to trendy card games on top of a global copyright aggregator. A total of 110 game cards, Each card has 4 numbers in the left upper corner. Each number stands for the combat power in four directions: up, down, left, and right. The key to victory is a reasonable card layout. Choose 5 cards from your deck for the battle. Both players take out 1 card in turn and put it into the playing field of 9 slots (3×3). Each card put into the playing field is compared with the card next to it. When the position number of your card is greater than that of the opponent’s card, you win the opponent’s card. When all slots are filled, the player with more cards in the playing field wins and gets 2 of the opponent’s cards. The other 2 of the opponent’s cards are burned automatically. Enter the official game store to save all cards in your wallet. In its game Troland, KAKA created a variety of card types. It also introduced copyrighted Marvel Collector’s Edition NFT cards and the original 3×3 playfield. Welcome to thrilling card battles with players from across the world!


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  1. i can't buy it !

  2. nice project, I hope all the best! do you think can you give us some free cards to test it? thanks

  3. Very nice project 👍

  4. Great project and good community.. I hope this project go to moon. I love really this project. 🔥🚀


  5. Good kaka airdrop

  6. Kaka seems to be a great project. Don't miss out

  7. Wow! Looks fun!