How To Scan For Trades Directly From Your Chart


In this video, we want to remind everyone about scanning for trades or investments without ever leaving your chart. At the bottom of everyone’s chart is a button that says “Screener.” Click that to get started. It works for stocks, crypto, and FX.

Never leave your chart again.

More importantly, find the assets that matter to your unique scan or interests. Create custom layout for your screener and start looking for the perfect investments and trades.

That’s the key to using the screener: find the trades or investments that fir your interests. Don’t chase or follow trades blindly because of social media or the news. Instead, do your research! Plan ahead.

Look first, then leap.

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Responses (12)

  1. Add something like candlestick scanner in intraday basis and also this should be indicators basis also

  2. Is this on the Mobile app as well ?

  3. Very useful for stocks and cryptos thanks, but could you also kindly make a quick video on how to use use the screener for Forex? Cordially

  4. Please make it possible for pine coders to add their 'custom' made indicators to the screener.
    I'm really missing the possibility to let my indicator(s) just scan the market for an asset that meets the right condition for my strategy and execute an action on it, without making an alert for every asset.

    Simple example: Indicator that checks 200 DMA and current price. If the indicator meets certain threshold output 'sell'/'neutral'/'buy' (even better combined with a webhook alert)

  5. This is very good video. Thank you. Can you please make a video how to see the options chart in tradingview? I can see stocks, futures. forex , but I could not find the options chart?

  6. Hai,,i have paid for one year premium, but why i can not open the indicator for me

    Hai, i have paid annual for premium channel trading view, but i can not open the indicator for premium,please help me

    hai, i have paid for premium channel but i can not open all indicator at premium service.please help me

  7. Thank you, your videos are great.

  8. This is helpful! Question, how do I filter out the "premium index" coins on the crypto screener? I don't have access to those so would like them removed from a custom filter if at all possible. Is there also a way to filter futures coins only?thanks!

  9. kindly need filter for scalping

  10. Well explained! Great video 😊

  11. Please add meta-data for crypto ! (sector, market cap, pair)