How to Setup TradingView Charts and Customize it (Episode 1/8)


In this video, you’ll learn how to setup TradingView charts and customize it to your own preference.


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Responses (37)

  1. electroboy

    instead of undoing the entire chart settings i customized how do i undo just one chart setting i just messed with recently?

  2. Muhammad Nasir

    I am facing some problem while using tradingview on Tablet. Although Tradingview is working but chart is not being displayed.

  3. Muhammad Nasir

    He all

  4. Money Machine Millennials

    How to add a customized watermark?

  5. Melissa L. Wynn

    Such an excellent teacher! I’ve watched several of your videos now and am becoming addicted!

  6. kartik sharma

    How to set stock name in chart background , whenever we open any stock its shows in background, how to set ??

  7. Abuzar Rizwan

    I love you my friend. No homo. ♥️

  8. Alessandro

    subtitles in Italian????

  9. vag pap

    the candles in my chart in trading view are blurry, not clear as in the video above, you know how can i clean them? or is this function available only on the paid version? i am using the free version

  10. Robert Lewis

    Can't find how to set candle sticks instead of line chart.

  11. zofia Bochenek

    my price label on tradingview is gone. does anyone know how to get it back ?'

  12. Pardhu Saradhi

    Is there any buy and sell indicators ,if so how to use them pl explain

  13. Leanne Griffith

    I was on Tradingview and suddenly the outside of the screen has become too large to fit on laptop screen. I must have accidently scrolled over something. Can't see the watchlist. The inside actual chart area is still the same. Can't seem to convert it back to normal, any ideas?

  14. Muhammad Mudassar

    Excellent work …well done

  15. Hair stuff

    Problem is i just can't find how to change it to candle stick

  16. Tom Woodbeck

    Also, I don't know if this happens to anyone else. But when I put in a "Sell" Position. It goes on the Chart as a "Sell Position". But when I close it, it says "Buy" in the column? I don't understand why it is flipping to the opposite of what I am doing. Same with Buy and it lists as a Sell position when it closes. Anyone?

  17. Tom Woodbeck

    So how do I get individual candles rather than just one big blob candle for Monthly or Weekly. I tried the + & – Zooms on the left and that just made the blobs bigger. I want to see the Monthly breakdown candles. Anyone?

  18. How to copy same template and have it open in the same tab to monitor few different positions?

  19. Iris van den Brink

    Hey, thank you for the video's they were very useful. Now I was wondering how to disable pre- and post- market data on a certain time frame. I don't want to include this data on the daily time frame? Can anyone help me out?

  20. If I use red and green wick colors that match body I sometimes get red body with green wick or the other way around. I need to play with this more but if you have an answer for this the reply.

  21. True Knowledge

    Sir help me
    That "How to download tradingview app for PC".

  22. Ryan Greninger

    how do i switch to candlesticks in the firs place…


    Hi how can i change the chart to show candle view

  24. John Daker

    the option does not show up for me


    Thank you Rayner. 1st video only and clearly understand. I like your style. You have a great day.

  26. Deepak B A

    Hey hey what's up my friends

  27. ugly fuck

  28. Hamse Barud

    Smart Thanks Mr Rayner Teo, we would like to get your Telegram if it's possible.

  29. I don't have those candle settings, do I need to pay for premium?

  30. Honging Thorng

    Hi, Rayner. Can you also make a video about how to use volume profiles in tradingview?

  31. Nelson Rodriguez

    How do you customize the time frames?



  33. kev rocks

    what broker did u use newbie here

  34. You are amazing many thanks for your supports

  35. Assou Tarik

    Free Plans support just one chart saved

  36. Singh Trader

    Hello Ryan
    Good evening I Ranjit Kumar Singh from India is follow you and earn a lot of knowledge in share market through watching you valuable, knowledgeable videos. You best friend. Thank

  37. Kundan Reddy