how to use paper trading is tradingview app in mobile/ how we doing paper trading in mobile


He’ll friends.

Wellcome to my channel Tycoon.

In this video I tell you how to do paper trading in live market.

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Paper trading in tradingview.
Tradingview paper trading.
Tradingview paper trading in mobile.
Tradingview paper trading on mobile.
How to use tradingview app in mobile.


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  1. Vilas Khandare

    Thanks friends

  2. Rameshwar temburwar

    Intraday karne ata hai kya

  3. Samiran Bharati

    Buy or sell Thora or achaca bataiya

  4. Lekhraj kashyap

    Bahut muskil se. Aapka video mila sir thanku

  5. Mahesh Choudhary

    How to do Future & Option trading in trading veiw app

  6. something special

    Nyc explain ☺️

  7. AHL20🇮🇳