How to use TradingView Charts in Zerodha?


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  2. Hi sir, your videos are awsome….. While watching on 18.20 u were explained about the settings, on that time there are some white dots on some candles, can u explain to me what the meaning of that dats, what it stands for? If you could explain it would be nice….. Looking for a favourable replay…

  3. Trading view chart of zerodha, in mobile is worst. I can't move within the chart freely. May be because , zerodha using the obsolete version of tradingview. Come on zerodha..

  4. After pop up full chart my chart is not working it just freeze

  5. Landed up late on this wonderful playlist.
    Super informative for a beginner like me.
    Thank you so much Sir ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  6. how to save the drawings for further use? like at previous day i made some marking on the charts such that it will help me in trading next day, but next day there is just nothing.

  7. Can anyone help me.
    Trading view me cursor (right me plus) se alert buy sell stop loss wagera jaisa paper trading me use karte hai. Wohi cheez ko Zerodha trading view me kaise use kare .

  8. This video has simplified many complicated things.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  9. Thank you is a small word. But bottom of the heart it means alot

  10. Thanks, the first two videos are very educative and must see for all kinds of equity investors

  11. You have explained very well in a short span of time. Great.

  12. lovely explain , very very useful

  13. How to change the time span like in tradingview we press 15 so it would move to 15 min and so on? Suppose I want to change time span to any span say 25 min candle.. how to change it?

  14. I like the way you explain and make the things easier …above all you voice is just soothing and relaxing.

  15. great content, good neutral accent and decent speed, no nonsense, lots of information. really loved your video, looking forward to watching your other stuff.

  16. Great video for beginers!! Thanks for sharing such basics which normally is not found so well explained!!!

  17. One question..why charts are deleted automatically in zerodha tradingview platform…how to make charts safe for long time..

  18. Valuable information

  19. Thank you..I am 60, and I am always on Trading view, it was fantastic, keep it up..May God Bless you…Regards

  20. My all drawings on the trading view are disappearing when We refresh the page. It should be synchronised with cloud why is it not if I draw a trend line it doesn't show up in mobile app or if refreshed it disappears I have to draw it again and again.

  21. I always watch your videos it really helped me gain knowledge such as Stop loss, a lot of awareness about intraday,Scalp,Swing Trading's etc.,. Thanksa a lot for your time and also your English is very good i like a a lot. please keep making such kind of videos.

  22. Dear Sir,

    Please make the separate video of fibonacci retracement. I would be glad if you make that video of fibonacci retracement how to used price action with fibonacci retracement please request

  23. Excellent sir..Thanks

  24. you are doing good job sir ..thanks a lot

  25. Thank you sir , Thank you so much

  26. Is CPR avialable in zerodha's trading veiw?

  27. Fers has trading view and its very good

  28. Sir cpr is not available in zerodha trdingview chart?

  29. Why can't we use cpr in zerodha tradingview

  30. You can move the charts about which you spoke at 3 minute, slightly nice the price at right, then you'll be able to move whole chart as applicable in ChartIQ. Kindly acknowledge if you were able to do so.


  32. Though I am using zerodha, I have not used all the function. Your lecture gives view of all the tools. Thanks for your excellent lecture.


  34. Knowledge appraisal. Explained well

  35. You have great voice,quite kind of paying attention to it.Can we add our own customised indicator in kite as we do in trading view!

  36. Can i import my TradingView chart here in zerodha? Ihave lot of custom once there

  37. Sir,
    You can move the chart up and down by making 'auto' off.
    Thank you