How to Use Tradingview Paper Trading (Episode 7/8)


In this video, you’ll learn how to use TradingView paper trading so you can test your trading strategy and find out whether it works, or not.


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Responses (37)

  1. When. I make in settings that my account is 10 000 then when im going to open trade , where i Can choose how much % of my account i want put to trade ?

  2. hi, in able to do paper trading in tradingview, should be pro subscription? thanks

  3. Hi. I do not see the option to include leverage in Paper trade of tradingview. Where is it?

  4. i Came here while reading you book and I try to analysis BTC

  5. Does anyone know where all the videos are this one says 7/8 so I assume there is 1/8 2/8?

  6. What is one unit converted to USD?

  7. Can Paper trading in Mobile possible

  8. How to do this on mobile? iPhone.

  9. I love short videos that cover many information. Good job, Thank you!

  10. Thanks Bro Love from INDIA.

  11. Which is better Amibroker or Tradingview?

  12. Can you papertrade Options with tradingview?

  13. Why do I keep getting non tradable symbol error? Anyone help pls.. Thanks

  14. Why can I buy more than my account balance…😐

  15. Can you do paper trading while back testing on an older date?

  16. you know first step to showing how something works, it is showing how to fucking set it up! dislike!

  17. can one only paper trade using live market feed? can one do the backtest replay mode and paper trade with it?

  18. dark theme bruh. Who really uses the white view. Noisy, annoying, hard to read

  19. How do you do this on the app?

  20. its wast paper trading tool…if we place LIMIT order it takes as market default … irritated wasteeeeeee

  21. How about buy stop limit order?

  22. i do have one question can i link my lightspeed account to tradingveiw platform

  23. I am trying to practice how to trade a small account of $200 because that's realistically how much I am comfortable risking when I don't have any previous experience with trading real money. So until I see some positive results I am going to practise with paper money. My problem is when i want to place a buy or sell order using paper money I am very confused on what tab to look at. The information tab for buy/sell orders wants me to type in the quantity of orders.

    If I type quantity = 20 the pip value is $0.002 and the trade value is $20

    If i type quantity = 200 000 the pip value is $20 and the trade value is more than $250 000

    I want to risk $20 of my $200 paper money account. Which one is the right one?

  24. Man you have a video for everything. Thanks so much.

  25. But does the market have to be live or can you use Replay funktion and paper trade with earlier data?

  26. Hi. I do not see the option to include leverage in Paper trade of tradingview. Where is it?

  27. What does the equity mean in the paper trading account?

  28. how to change the currency from USD to INR ?

  29. Thanks for the details…. It's helpful for us…

  30. Hi Rayner, Is there Playback History for TradingView to Practice Paper Trading? The other platform that I heard is solid is ToS for playback paper trade

  31. My profit and loss only show by single digits

  32. Do you have a video explaining​ how to use an Android mobile app, buying, selling, closing a trade? Thanks

  33. Hi…I am confused actually…if u have placed 50000 qty of shares for sell then why profits starts only with 3 rs?profits should be start to stream with high amount na?

  34. Hey Rayner, wondering can I place trade by using TradingView mobile app? I can't seem to find the buy/sell button

  35. Rayner there is much easier way using TradingView to paper/live trade. Use tool long/short positon (you have it on your bar on the left side) then set your target, stop loss, and entry using this tool, right click on it and go to "create limit order". In order menu you have all you need! You can define position size (very useful), type of order, you have R/R calculated. It is gorgeous tool.

  36. When I try to place a trade, it asks me to login to my broker account. So to paper trade, you will need a broker account setup?
    I have a free tradingview account.