Huge fossilised 'sea dragon' found in UK – BBC News


The fossilised remains of a 10m-long sea predator called an ichthyosaur were found at Rutland Water Nature Reserve, England, during landscaping work.

It is the largest of its type ever discovered in the UK.

Ichthyosaurs lived between 250 million and 90 million years ago and could grow up to 25 metres long.

When water levels at the Rutland reservoir were lowered in the late summer of 2021, a team of palaeontologists came in to excavate the remains.

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  1. OK wth I've seen this several times but didn't realize how huge it was. Super cool

  2. Chaitanya k.n.

    0:15 So the UK's units of measurement is a double decker bus?

  3. azam ramli

    Finally something older than the queen..

  4. Auspicious

    Amazing, what a fortunate day

  5. Anuj Kumar

    If you find dragon queen then say Hi from my side 😆😆😅(GOT)

  6. KathyMaxted

    Didn't live that long ago. Lied

  7. This is soo coool. I love it

  8. Forey Friend

  9. Mohamed Saleem

    Joe Davis is an a fossil hunter
    I am also a fossil hunter
    My name is ayaan

  10. Mohamed Saleem

    I think you can be a fossil have been 100

  11. Poison Music

    Wow. That's an amazing Discovery 😍

  12. Hamduddin Masrur

    Make a vaccine out of its bone tissue.

  13. Farid Biskra

    وهم يسرقو آثار العالم كلو

  14. Brendon James Colby

    It looks very crocodile like…I'll wait…

  15. Pei Liang Teong

    I suppose dolphins are just as excited as us about this discovery

  16. MudSlinger

    best person to put this to us is sir david attenborough he is the man who makes this a dream come true

  17. fx Gamer

    why how did you know how long it leaved ago? where you guys there? ohh and i know about carbon dating, but this hasn't been unearthed yet, so how did you know when it leaved without carbon dating it first?

  18. Amazing 👍

  19. Sabina & Stefano Matti

    You are lucky I Britain to have fossil dragons
    Here in Italy we have them alive!!!!

  20. Dan The car guy

    Some say it was the stigs first pet

  21. Josfur Gaming

    if it have a wig it must be prehistoric boris!

  22. Violett Fem

    I always loved archaeology

  23. CinyStarr

    This is really amazing

  24. Becoming Nihonjin TV

    Everything will be discovered!

  25. Rina in London

    Oh wow

  26. Crypto Surfer

    It’s your mum

  27. Mahbub Dawood

    So it's proved that scientist researchers were/are stools because something hidden has been researched/discovered now as per scientists scientific says it's now millions years since the world was created So it means the scientists were doing of stools since the world started until now?

  28. Dan Rfhan

    Czechoslovakia… after all these years… is that you?

  29. Chris Olaguer

    So amazing hope its will become alive in. New world❤️❤️❤️

  30. Wow amazing!!!!!!

  31. Oskars Oskars

    Wait another 500 years when robots will find human bones.

  32. Богдан Колос

    Truly an amazing finding!

  33. Crucifixión Man

    Fockkkk mateeee!!!!!

  34. The fourth Living creature

    Problem being, this is BBC so it's almost certainly fake.