I Built a Laptop Bitcoin Mining Farm


I Built a Laptop Bitcoin Mining Farm

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This video is no shape or form financial advice, it is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only.


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  2. There all max q LMAO dude got ripped of so bad

  3. $1200 2060 laptop for mining hahaha 🤣

  4. I found this video super useful thank you! I am curious to know what you could get mining eth.

  5. Do you know what the name of that Dell laptop is?

  6. Seriously I need a laptop 😃
    Twos up for you.Very powerful content

  7. I would like to try this but things hard

  8. Hey can I get one of the laptops for mining bro

  9. Warning!!! laptops need more cooling take out of case & add 🙂

  10. I would love a laptop to start my business 😭😭 I guess it's late now coz I only seen the video today but nice videos keep up the good work

  11. can u imagine mining on a mini computer

  12. BIAHEZA would you think that 350 old computers would it be worth it to mine monero

  13. I am currently using my dell precision 6560

  14. you can do a cryptotab phone farm (free could minig platform)

  15. I try mining monero on the m1 mac mini and it’s warm

  16. dude you shown ur ledger security code

  17. ever think to set them in the fridge while doing this!!!!!

  18. Thanks for making this video. Didn’t know what mining was, wanted to at least learn basic stuff and what I’d need. Very helpful

  19. the funniest …. kool stuff

  20. Did you end up giving away the laptop?

  21. I wish I could get a laptop like that but I’m to broke

  22. u drive telsa? rich kid

  23. How did you get Nicehash to see the GPU on your laptop?

  24. I have 10k what rig should I buy

  25. The Video I have been looking for. Thank you!

  26. Try mining doge with unminable….

  27. i do mine with my laptop i had bought a laptop cooler i will only recommend mining on it if there is a good cooling like with opening a window to let the air circulate(only in cold weather no mining in summer)…hotspot temperature is at 65° which is fine .it is actually not bad when you go out and let that passive income rolling getting 3 bucks a day is better then nothing

  28. New subscriber

    Where do you mine ??

    How is the web side call ??

  29. Bruh. Mining makes more sense now than ever.

  30. Loveeeeee your videos 😍

  31. Bro! You showed you Ledger Nano passwords at 5:53. Better change em Mate 👍

  32. you cracked me up 0.33 and your expenses versus profit is very accurate just like I would have done~~ will be watching you for the lates uploads

  33. Hey do you have any lap top available for a give away or really cheap