I Invested $20,000 into Hoge Finance! The Next Dogecoin is Hoge Finance Coin! Best 100x Coin!


Lemme know what you think!


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Responses (32)

  1. Luigi Donaruma

    Can Hoge hit 0,1?

  2. Mindaugas

    Hoge army 🦍

  3. J Allson

    HOGE for life

  4. Chris T

    Yep I invested too. We going to the moon 🚀

  5. Mitch Thompson

    $20k in to hoge is insane. You sir are a degen. lol Good luck. I'm in for 1.5m hoge

  6. Mitch Thompson

    I own HOGE, Safemoon and Shiba.. and also own Doge, XRP and plenty of stocks.. Lets be clear everyone.. Doge, and all the other new alt coins and meme coins are relying on new buyers buying in at new higher prices.
    When you take a step back.. its basically a pyramid scheme. I like HOGE. i like the idea of what they want to do. But the reality is everything going on in crypto right now is just hype. jump in early.. and jump out once you get to a point where you feel nervous.

  7. dripfed_moto

    Should have kept that Shib

  8. goku canfly

    Its gunna be big

  9. The Redline Guy

    Picked up 9 million today

  10. Manon Kreder

    check 100x coin

  11. Johnny Pronchik

    You made the right choice man, itl boom, maybe not as fast as others but that's because non scams need to grow slowly and organically!

  12. Hans Juker

    You haven't invested shit. 20k my ass

  13. ducongo

    Wow bepro and hoge? Wow you are my brother😂😂🚀

  14. Ryan Cribbs

    Just put 500 in tonight!

  15. Certi Fied


  16. When Lambo ??

    i done my research for 3 months. This coin is STALE. I been here since the beginning. It did so well in the beginning. Now its like a flat soda. Barely any fizzle left in it. With everything they supposedly have going for it, it should be higher then .00026 FFS. This NEUTERED mutt wont even get up to eat anymore ! And those $100+ gas fee's are keeping it dead. 7millions shares. I should have bought more OMI or Stellar lol

  17. ClarkstrideR

    Been in Hoge since before 5k holders. Hoge was literally the first defi coin and all these other coins are just copying tbh. Hoge is the only defi meme coin to pass Certik audit and become a legal entity. Way less at risk for whales to sink price like Safemoon or these other coins. Hoge is making moves that will explode this coin once it hits major U.S. exchanges. $Hoge to the moon baby!!

  18. Ronnie Hoq

    i put 40k bro ill hit you when we both at over a quarter mil

  19. itsnaomi_

    JBP Token.. new token looking good🚀🚀👍 (super early)

  20. i have 400k

  21. joe tiller

    Hell yeah!!! I love the burn!!! Burn baby burn!!!!!

  22. Sam Macavoy

    $hoge is going to blow up 2022

  23. Angry Bird

    Hoge Trading Campaign on @BigONEexchange Sharing 13,430,000 HOGE!!!

    Time : 4.20, 2021 15:00 – 4.27, 2021 15:00 (UTC + 8)
    1st 1,610,738 HOGE
    2nd 1,342,281 HOGE
    3rd 1,073,825 HOGE

    Sign up here: https://forms.gle/A7d2dAMvbDh9DpAa9
    Rules & more details: https://twitter.com/BigONEexchange/status/1384420772555288579

  24. Lloyd Evans

    I can't wait until this blows up. Come back to me in one year. Holding Only Gets Easier!

  25. Jason Austin

    Keep these videos coming!

  26. TriggaTrey831_OnTwitch

    buying $1000 worth tomorrow

  27. joe francis

    Hoge will moon just wait guys 🚀🚀

  28. Somali flame

    The potential with Hoge is huge. If it gets listed on the usual exchanges it has potential to go parabolic.

  29. Giuseppe Migliozzi

    Check out OLT bro! Partner with Google and IBM! Low marketcap!

  30. Yung Content

    Its way more than MEMES but the MEMES get the most hype… ELASTIC SUPPLY