I Tried Flipping 5 NFT's (Made $10,000 Profit)


I tried to trade NFT’s for a few weeks.

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Meta Legends NFT:
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Responses (34)

  1. Sebastian Ghiorghiu

    Welp, I just flipped 2 more dog NFTS this morning and made 12k profit.

    That puts me at 17K profit on the first 6 projects in the last 2-3 weeks.

  2. Eduardo Pella

    Gold content! Suscribed. Do you practice BJJ?

  3. _Deep end ✖

    I don't have money to buy NFTs what I do

  4. Alen Abishek

    Hi can i buy my nft from opensea and then flip it for profit…rather than minting it?

  5. 👉AUTOVMHACK ON Telegram is NO.1

    I and my family say thank you so much for the 3btc you help me with,I have to admit that you’re the best.thanks a lot sir

  6. 👉AUTOVMHACK ON Telegram is NO.1

    I and my family say thank you so much for the 3btc you help me with,I have to admit that you’re the best.thanks a lot sir

  7. GhEtto NeRd Drip

    You’re the first person I ever clicked the bell for thank you for giving us enough juice to help me and possibly change my life

  8. See Forwards

    This sounds cool and explanation was great. I would like to play around in nft but what is the price/profit range you need to get into NFT and start making profit form it ? And can you get lucky enough to find good low price on some ?

  9. akirajp6

    Is the realized profit actually that even after gas fees?

  10. Andrei Grecu

    are you romanian?

  11. Make money winning lottery

    i need to make 40 000 dollars from the NFTs so that i will stop working

  12. Luis Lopes

    Bro Can you speak about best 5 projects NFT for 2022??

  13. Inventory Flipping Secrets

    No talks about how much money they've blown by not having a fuckin clue what they're doing.

  14. Filip Tudic

    esti roman?

  15. Ben Omayebu

    Click the link to flip these nfts

  16. Otto Zeiger

    Unrealised profit is like you would invest long term to a very low yield bonds and then G yourself up that you have 2mil unrealised profit. Although that might not happen until 30 years from investment. Don't you think that this phrase is just a big G up ? 😀

  17. Cole Davis

    Any advice for someone new to the net world? Need some guidance

  18. The Social MediaDiva Floyd

    Ok i dont even understand what you are speaking of >>> do a video like you are teaching GRANDMA….HOW TO DO IT

  19. jame john

    What's meant by minting a project

  20. Martins Romans

    I found this project with old school hiphop pictures as nfts. Do yall think i should give it a shot?

  21. Slimeooo

    is starting off with $100 good?

  22. Top Speed


  23. Jose Fishy tv

    Have you heard of small turtles with wings bruhh I bought at 40 and now they go for 1,000 dollars and more the first gen thoo

  24. PowderHouse

    hey bro, what are your thoughts on META LEGEND today ?

  25. Nashon Casares

    I been watching your videos for years now😂but boss get a haircut

  26. Javi Tello

    5:40 🤙🏽🤙🏽

  27. Eidher Mendoza

    Check out white rabbit collection zero that project going to the moon 🚀💰but aye thank you for all the education and helpful tips 💯

  28. Abhi Ram


  29. Reverb Plug

    nah i just screenshot

  30. Roberto Rios

    What are y’all thoughts on krazy koalas

  31. Anyone looking for a cheap project myn is only 0.005ETH

  32. So Icey Gang

    I’m purchasing my Tony hawk NFT on DraftKings and I can get it for $40

  33. PUNJABi Munda

    Bro help me join ur discord…… 🙂

  34. PUNJABi Munda

    Probably im the first indian here🙂 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁