I Tried Making Money With NFTs


For the last 7 days, I’ve tried to make money buying & selling NFTs. Here’s what happened…
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NFT art is all the rage right now.. celebrities, institutions & entrepreneurs around the world are dumping millions into crypto & NFTs usually on OpenSea. Is it possible to make money with them?
Let’s find out together.

NFTs are powered by the same technology as ethereum, bitcoin, cardano and xrp.

Some of the most popular ones are cryptopunks , bored ape yacht club & art blocks curated.


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Responses (22)

  1. But it's just dumb jpegs of monkeys and you can just screenshot

  2. Bruv, go make actual money somewhere and then use your money to buy real NFTs instead of those cheap worthless shite ones

  3. i make more 50 nft but no one is sold why please guide me

  4. 1:00 wow. Those are terrible. Almost as bad as rothko's artwork

  5. bruh….. JUST 1 ETH. IS 3K+

  6. Do u have to be 18+ to own a opensea nft ?

  7. He does know he made 150+ profit on the gnome right? I mean it's on Solana the fees there aren't that bad.

  8. This is brilliant and quite captivating as well! Investing in forex has really been favorable to me this season, I make profit from my investment on a weekly basis best regards to Mr. Ray Perkins mentorship/guidance 🇺🇸

  9. Had to dislike, you have added way too many ads into this vid.

  10. why I cant understand anything about this :(, is it normal?

  11. Bro how do u sell nfts???

  12. Cheers for the clarification, clarification that the world really is full of idiots. The items have no real world value what so ever, the people paying clearly have more money than sense and the lack of sense is the new revenue stream not the nft.

  13. I’m creating my own art now😈

  14. Thank you for the info!

  15. just started nft and i have a question, whats maximum limit of nft that i can create, and when i create 1 of them and put it on sale and someone buys it does nft stay on my profile ? Or it says that nft is from my collection and i created it but its owned by that guy who buys it ?

  16. This is strange to me

  17. Opensea collection Zoo De La 8bit, auctions/selling.

  18. This is totally gambling

  19. Too much money, I'm not willing to risk that much.

  20. I don’t know if I really wanna try this