I Tried Mining Bitcoin on my Phone


I Tried Mining Bitcoin on my Phone

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This video is no shape or form financial advice, it is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only.


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Responses (44)

  1. I Tried SCROLLING Back up to SMASH the LIKE BUTTON Please for a WEEK *Gone Right* (IN THE HOOD)

  2. ⚕️ I invest a little amount and it generates 50000 USD from is mining ⌨️

  3. ⚕️ I invest a little amount and it generates 50000 USD from is mining ⌨️

  4. Can you get Cancer with be around that much hardware

  5. "smash that like button so I can afford more tanning sessions"

  6. i tried using an online service and it worked.

  7. who else is watching this and laughing ?

  8. See you guys when am 50 hahahhahahahaha 😆

  9. Did he just confront him self on illegally mining

  10. Pi just launched mainnet💥

  11. Gote Pi needs delete 😀

  12. So by other words it is a pure 100 % scam

  13. Tnk u for information

  14. Pi actually made a wallet now but its just still in process

  15. well for 1 it really doesn't cost 30k to build a rig that only makes 90 bucks a day about 10-12 decent gpus can make about $150 in eth a day, it's not cheap but it's not 30k

  16. True bro all of this guys are scam

  17. I don’t gets adds on it, and they are launching mainnet this month I’m pretty sure

  18. Yup, I was just about to comment pi before you said it, I have like 700 pi so far😃

  19. ill get this one thing clear, we didn't come here cuz you click bated us, we came her to see the actual numbers. no way you make 5k just using your phone

  20. I wonder if this PI app is linked to the new Tesla Pi phone as that is rumoured to mine

  21. markets are sussin

  22. What do you mean by sayin ahhhhh after saying I have to change from stone age iPhone to android

  23. Dammm u good. Thank God for people like u that spend time doing research so people like us don't get mislead into these fauls apps. I really appreciate ur videos, they really helpful and at the same time. Fun to watch. Ur the best

  24. What about making a "cluster" out of raspberry pi's?

  25. I wish I could like this twice

  26. Thanks for sharing . New subscriber here . More powers to your channel

  27. Thank you! Great video!!!

  28. How to mine Raptorium on Android ?? Please record a video!

  29. Top greener smart plug 🤔


  31. And I don’t have to watch any video or adds

  32. Your video is pure waste of time, you are just keeping people in suspense over information that doesn't make sense at all.

    I wonder what those you subscribe to your channel are looking for.

  33. Did you end up trying the used laptops with gpus?

  34. From what I see, make money online apps are a complete joke. As are all those scammy GPT sites out there. I'm definitely not surprised the crypto apps in that space are as well. Good lord, lol.

  35. Weird that people sit around making up these completely rubbish scams and weirder that people fall for it.

  36. The guy is saying the truth I love you for this.