In full: PM to face MPs at PMQs after lockdown party claims


Appearing in public for the first time since news of another lockdown party in Downing Street emerged, Boris Johnson will be facing Labour in Prime Minister’s Questions.

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Responses (26)

  1. Sack this clown of a PM

  2. It’s time to go Boris hopefully with a criminal record as well

  3. I beg the police ever try to enforce any rules related to covid after this

  4. Awards for that face? 😂😂😂 she can barely talk with the amount of fakeness in her face.

    Clearly desperate for TV time.

  5. Covid is a wicked scam 👍

  6. Everyone should break the covid rules because they are destroying the world as we know it and are useless 😀

  7. At least he's facing the music and didn't disappear off on holiday instead of facing the music, how is kay burley? 😂. The hypocrisy to have her on questioning mps on this shows to me how outta touch the media is. The hypocrisy from mps, media and celebrities shows nothing but contempt for ppl.

  8. When the shadow mp was stuttering about the number of people that died because of the government's leadership liz trus found that amusing, these people are disgusting 🤬

  9. Sometimes I feel the illuminati 👽do this purposely to annoy the public…like mocking the public…especially with the way boris does his hair…lol like they want us to talk about this…or maybe Boris is just like that 🤪

  10. The PM needs to resign plain and simple He broke the rules his Cabinet put in place.

  11. We need a lockdown again

  12. The fact he says he sympathises and proceeds to basically try and excuse his role in this directly afterwards. It's disgusting. He simply must resign.

  13. Theresa May cameo at 57:10 Remember when people thought she was bad, lmao. she was at least 5 times better than this sack of potatoes.

  14. MET police are acting as the equivalent of Churchills Black and Tans

    Turning a blind eye to government law breaking and instead punishing the general public

    Funny how nobody remembers or mentions that

  15. My nan died in 2019, she loved to celebrate with family and friends and was very religious so her funeral was a big part of the grieving process for me. I’m so sorry for anyone who didn’t get to experience this whilst while these pos‘s were having party after party – shamelessly imposing the rules on everyone else whilst flouting them themselves. Anyone still voting for these clowns is soft in the head.

  16. And for the record, we don't care about answers now.. we want his head.

  17. So he didn't attend? Now it was a works event? He wishes things were done differently I.E: he wishes he wasn't caught

  18. He is certainly a clown , my family were hit really hard by Covid too, but then when I look at Starmer and his shadow ‘opposition’ and I despair that there is not even a competent alternative to this bunch of cowboys.

  19. What a red herring, same with Matt Hancock. It was Matt Hancock smooching lady, not Matt Hancock moving sick people into care homes, awarding contracts for his friends and furthering Klaus Schwab's agenda. Same sense they're trying to get us to focus on the party, not the sheer amount of dumb fuckery, death and suffering caused by albino bojo the criminal ruling classes little puppet

  20. Ah he didn't know it was a party, ok Boris carry on…. utter knob.

  21. It wasn't just Boris they should all be held accountable but it's always one rule for them and one for us the rules don't apply to them this isn't the first time they think they are better than everyone

  22. He's got the millions in the bank and he wants out .

  23. Investigative journalism is at risk, so be careful. The journalist must be safeguarded as the leaked email can have catastrophic effects on her/his private and public life. The question now is, when will the PM and his fellow party goers resign? Russell Brand for PM 🤣🤣