Inflation is Democrats' tax on the middle class: Sen. Johnson


Senator Ron Johnson weighs in as consumer prices continue to soar after 12 months and provides analysis and reaction to President Biden’s speech in Georgia. #FoxNews

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Responses (26)

  1. Quite frankly. To stop stupid ppl in politics, cap wages at 50 grand. Watch all the grubs fall away

  2. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants unvaxxed ,if the vax was that good they should be made to take the vax before letting them in. Funny how they don't even need ID. I wonder how many would refuse and go home to India or Ireland or Wales, wherever else they come from. I personally can't afford to pay the coyotes. Many dogs who sniff each other's butts and lick their own….

  3. Your Democracy is holding on because of one man's support. Are these people for real

  4. Lol, inflation is currently a world wide problem….not a US phenomenon

  5. It’s for sure that inflation doesn’t take food off the tables of the rich. And to present Ron Johnson as an expert on this subject, or any subject, seems like a bad choice. In fairness to him, I have heard that he hasn’t always been a Neanderthal. Just the last few years.

  6. Republicans gave a tax break to the rich with uncle Burney crying all the way. Jokers/liar's

  7. I know I'm alot poorer than i was a year ago that's for sure.

  8. Inflations biggest victim by far is the elderly. Fox news should research that.

  9. These children in office thought everything was free 🤣🤣🤣 they're so spoiled I don't think they know what money is. They definitely don't know what inflation means. I was awake for that part of my economic class.

  10. It’s very sad that people try to depend on others money instead of not being lazy… and figuring things out on their own…

  11. So it´s the Democrats is responsible for the infliation in Europe and the rest of the world? I didn´t know that the Democrats was so incredible powerful, I thought they were pathetical losers without any fighting spirit. And what migrant policies has changed since Biden took office? I would say that he has done to little to change the policies after Trump, he hasn´t changed anything and thats a shame.

  12. I love this man

  13. Well said Sen Johnson! keep on directing the American people! thank you

  14. And again, how does this administration respond to crises…lies and to spin it saying what you see is not what you are seeing.

    Or blame everyone else. The first step to fix a problem is to admit their is a problem. Something this administration can’t do.

  15. Everything this Administration has done has been a disaster for the American citizens

  16. Biden's inflation has DESTROYED the American people. Why are elected officials allowed to get 6 figure salaries when working class, middle & low income Americans are suffering under disgusting asinine Democrat policies? This is completely unacceptable & should not be allowed. Joe Biden is medically unfit. He should not be allowed to lead the country when he is an incompetent, pathological lying, hypocritical disaster. LET'S GO BRANDON!!

  17. It is why I am so bored with Trump's new campaign manager. All they do is constantly throw out 3rd grade insults and banter about the left. It is weak in my opinion for a campaign strat. The left could counter it so easily if they had a real leader.

  18. Just another generic talking point of the right who have never gave a crap about spending, inflation or a crash. The right that still offers no real solutions. I can provide inflation relief with my company but it is control of spending that can actually correct things when it is coupled with my relief package.

  19. Tax on the “middle” class? Excuse me, but it’s a tax on EVERY class!

  20. Thank you Senator Johnson for your support

  21. DEMOCRATS 2022! BIDEN 2024!

  22. Democrats are destroying America and Americans lives 💥💥💥💥💥

  23. Democrats are destroying America and Americans lives 💥💥💥💥💥

  24. If you voted for Biden suck it up buttercups this is on you!