Investment Portfolio Tracker | Track Your Crypto, Stocks, and ETFs!


Investment Portfolio Tracker on Google Sheets! Automatically track your Crypto, Stocks, and ETFs! Access this tracker through the below link:

This video briefly demonstrates the capabilities of the Investment Portfolio Tracker. We go through an example of adding a new trade to the tracker. The results are automated and we can then analyse our investments through versatile visualisations.

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Thanks so much for watching!


๐Ÿ”นFormula Sheet:

๐Ÿ”นFIFO Script:


Rjscripts001 Collaboration (
Think Stocks for his permission to use the FIFO Script Code (

00:00 Demo
02:00 Example
03:36 Tutorial

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Responses (22)

  1. Frank Bojcic

    Nice job! Could you add a graphic so when you hit your stock/crypto you can see its performance over time. Ex If I want to see if apple was maxed and I should have sold or bottomed and I should have bought relative to my ownership of the stock. Allow it to reflect also return in a separate graphic representation. Ex. Bought BTC In march, June and a month ago, what is the performance. 2 different tweeks to see performance over time. Great work! Keep it up!

  2. Eddie Fletch

    Looks amazing! Just wondering if it is possible to automate recurring buys for example if I wanted to dollar cost average each month into a stock. Could it be possible to like schedule a transaction to be repeated so I don't have to go in each month and copy and paste it?

  3. Bruce Riddell

    Got it going Mate thanks heaps

  4. Bruce Riddell

    Works great Mate but having troubles with AUD shares. Ticker VUL which is Vulcan industries and SKF are pulling wrong current price across. Hope you can give some guidance. Thanks

  5. Hi Thank you so much for this vide, I just became a patreon but couldnt find this video specific or the video on cyberpunk style, could you please help me on this? thanks

  6. Taylor L

    Amazing! Exactly what I have been looking for and more! Love the touches with all the additional charts and trackers. Thank you for sharing all the formulas. Probably going to need to go through the video a few more times to build my version, and that will be a nice weekend project.

  7. Avi Avi

    Hey, thank you so much for the videos am planning to join your patreaon.
    wanted to ask if its possible to get get Etoro informations
    Like the copy trader information and what stocks they bought and sold and how much money you have invested as well as P/L from them. it would be a great addition for the 2nd Gen Tracker if you feel this is a good point. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Troyson04

    Can this work if I add Options too?

  9. Sunny K

    I followed the instruction as provided in the video but I keep getting an error. Can you help please. Error below;

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined (line 38).

    and below is the script I had copied and pasted in Script editor; (Yellow highlighted is line 38)

    if(action.toUpperCase() == "SPLIT"){
    let activeTrades = portfolio.get(ticker);
    let ratio = quantity[i].toString().split(":");
    activeTrades = =>{
    trade.shares = trade.shares * ratio[0];
    trade.price = trade.price / ratio[0];
    trade.shares = trade.shares / ratio[1];
    trade.price = trade.price * ratio[1];
    Please help and thank you

  10. Khoa Tran

    Perfect! Just what I have been looking for. Very easy to follow and All the information one would need. Thank you for this! Two big thumbs up!

  11. Diego F. Zamora

    Excellent video and tracker… one question… how do i add Options to the tracker??

  12. Brad MacFee

    If I enter any more than like 20 transactions in the transactions tab, the portfolio tab formula comes up with an error that says "exceeded maximum execution time." Do you know what the problem could be? Like, is it the script that is unable to sort through all the data in the transactions tab? If so, any suggestions on a possible fix?

  13. sososammy

    im having troubles with the currency converter. im not very good at these type of things. any chance i can share it with you and u can take a look?

  14. sososammy

    im getting dates as average purchase prices after i enter in formula "=Investments(Transactions!D3:D,Transactions!F3:F,Transactions!G3:G,Transactions!H3:H)". any tips on how to fix this

  15. Kevin Spaeth

    I made a copy of the Light Theme this morning and I am encountering erros on the portflio tab: Error: Exceeded Maximum Execution Time (line 0). I have a screen shot of the Portfolio tab, but not sure how this can be sent. Let me know of an email address and I can forward it. Thanks! /Kevin

  16. exc20002001

    I've been searching for a nuggets like this for a while this is fantastic. Definitely deserve more likes! Thank you for the effort in uploading this amazing!

  17. Jason lowN

    Great Video! Now, I have transactions where I Convert one cryptocurrency for Another cryptocurrency. Any chance that you have any tips to implement this? I'm trying to find a way to accurately track my cost basis mainly for tax season

  18. Danilo Di Genova

    Hi, thanks for this. I bought Glen on LON exchange where is listed in GBX. However, your spreadsheet seems to work only with GBP currency. This makes calculation difficult. For example, today LON:GLEN values GBX 347.50 and your Currency Converter sheet lists 405.92 current price (EUR). I understand therefore that the spreadsheet thinks that 347.5 is GBP, instead of GBX. The only solution I see here is that I multiple the number of share for the conversion factor between GBX and GBP. What do you think? Thanks!

  19. Enzo Drovandi

    How should I impute managed funds to not break it?

  20. Cashflow Sheets


  21. great job of putting this together…but few formula's are giving errors! where can I email u

  22. Gaurav Saini

    A Nice Video. Thanks for this tracker. You deserve more subscribers.