Is DOGECOIN DEAD? DOGE meme coin KING struggles – will it survive??


In this episode of The ReCoop, we discuss if Dogecoin is dead! The meme coin king struggles but will it survive?! Cooper gives you his take with ridiculous analogies and impersonations. Tip?!

Doge: D6bfJ5yrXyNMd7iXhgpXFiKdoPvqYQjLdL

DigiByte: dgb1q7qsg90gnnfw0g3g0psm8s2yp834tfgqsrpls39


Tags: Doge, Doge to the moon, dogecoin, meme coin, alt coin, alt season, Elon musk, dogefather, crypto, crypto crash, bitcoin, digibyte, space x, doge1, baby doge, shiba inu, kishu inu, cat coin, doge cash, algo, algorand, magic, polygon


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Responses (9)

  1. Hot Tub Time Traveler

    Elon Musk RAT is pumping shamelessly this "dog" of a coin because he owns the biggest wallet. 28% of all of this trash coin. He is selling DOGE constantly to buy BTC and ETH. Only valuable DOGE coin is renDOGE. Only 20.4 million of them. They were wrapped and ported to the ETH blockchain where it has DeFi and Smart contract capabilities. renDOGE will have some value one day. Just FYI here ReCoop. On Jan 26th of this year REN announced that it was going to create renDOGE. On that day DOGE was under a penny. By Jan 29th it was at 10 cents! Was this due to renDOGE?!?!??! Just sayin….

  2. The Fade City Podcast


  3. DigiVerse


  4. andrew korwinksi, apparently a new Drake new coin

  5. Brandon Wengrzynek

    Whoever that friend of yours to pay you in Doge is either Genius or a complete moron. But he sounds like a nice guy. And you're a nice guy for helping him out! Love the episode

  6. You da man coop. Go digibyte

  7. For the record I never liked Kim Kardashian. I'm one of those apparently super rare males that finds stupid, vapid, useless women 100% unattractive regardless of their looks. Dogecoin though…..fluffy ass.

  8. Charlie Escalante

    I just sent you some money for new shirts. Love this channel !

  9. Sam Whitten

    I think the Kardashian of crypto is the funniest shit I’ve ever heard. Dude, this video was awesome.