Is HOGE Coin A Good Investment?


HOGE Coin/HOGE Finance seeks to mimic the success of Dogecoin, but with an improvement by adding a deflationary token model. Is HOGE coin a good investment or is it a scam?
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Time Stamps:
HOGE Tokenomics – 0:00
Where To Trade? – 2:22
HOGE Team – 3:18
Marketing and Roadmap – 3:52
Bull Market Risk/Reward – 5:27


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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make. This description may contain affiliate links for products that I believe in and use personally. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thank you for your support.

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Responses (35)

  1. Jack Macziz

    We’re gonna be rich

  2. great video

  3. SoulSeeker 311

    Hoge value will ultimately surpass doge. And be the next etheirum and bitcoin.

  4. Luke York

    hoge is cool and all but its stale as hell ! While on a BULL run , hoge was barely able to keep its head above water. WHile everyone else was getting 10, 20 and 30% gains, we were just stuck. I've had hoge since the beginning. Wish i had never gotten in to be honest. Could have made much more money elsewhere. Even Doge has 30% increase this week alone and what does it offer ?> NOthing. So whats up with Hoge ?> Hell this article was written 4 months ago lol. We still have not done shit, except lost a little value. The new bull run is happeneing and HOGE is still just sittin there lol. At this rate, even the bank is paying more !

  5. Salty falcon


  6. Kats Collections

    Thank you for the info..

    Can u give us ur reviews on ELON coin DOGELO COIN

  7. SoulSeeker 311

    I think your biggest fear with hoge and why you didn't find very much information when you did this video is that hoge was only 3 month old and still building their project and growing.

  8. SoulSeeker 311

    They also have just updated updated their white paper

  9. SoulSeeker 311

    You should retake another look at hoge. Yes gas fees are high but hoge has made great strives. Passed the certik audit coming to a USA exchange. Has released the name of the devs. Hoge will surpass doge.

  10. it will go to the moon, watch out 👀

  11. Bangun Faozi

    what is the correct procedure for Swapping Doge in the trust wallet? I've tried one time, but it didn't work.

  12. Jorge Jimenez

    Update: Team has been made public and security audit has been completed with high scores! Hoge coin is ready to get into big exchanges 🙌🏼

  13. Johnny Pronchik

    Go hoge!!!!

  14. Home Slice

    More than 50% of the total HOGE available has already been burned and is gone forever…. HOLY HOGE!

  15. goku canfly

    Yes it is

  16. FatDoobie

    Ocean clean. Infamous. Hyper meteor. Spore finance. Forestry. Thank me later 🚀💎❤️

  17. Bye Default

    HOGE to the moon. ❤️

  18. Morty Eye Patch

    BigONE Exchange🚀🚀

  19. Heraklion

    I have my bag of Hoge go to the moon

  20. Philip Pavìk

    But where to buy in Philippines

  21. Wazza Wasp

    Fees are too high


    Where can buy hoge coin ?

  23. Étienne Gagnon Juteau

    It's actually a Hoge Token, since it's an ERC-20 Token! Which means Hoge is a smart contract that could evolve in something way bigger. my prediction for Hoge is 0.01$ End of Year.

  24. GoogleIsAPieceOfSh*t

    #Hoge !

  25. wonder nights

    😂 they stay clowning.

  26. Creative Works

    No! It's gone be Nothinggggg this shit coin.

  27. One Opinion

    Team has some AMA vids on YouTube. Watch them to get their names, profile, and to actually see a real team behind the project…they are real hahaha.

  28. John Arroz

    This fake coin is crashing. I'm so glad metamask and uniswap shady transaction never worked! Taking my money back to ETH!

  29. Nika Men

    which platform can i buy Hoge coins?

  30. for now IMHO is a total shit-coin, now prove me wrong

  31. Blackjack One

    April should b a good month for ALTS, not shitcoins like HOGE 😂. They can’t even get on an U.S exchange…

  32. twilliam043

    Holding 15 million and I plan on regularly buying more while it's this cheap

  33. Matei Mocanu

    These few days its the perfect time to get in Hoge.
    In the next couple of months we will see 10x from here., easily. By the end of the bull run it will reach 1 cent

  34. joe john

    hey dude. will you cover mello token? It's only a few days old and it seems to have potential.

  35. jonathan Ro

    ElonGate crypto is only 2 days old