Is Hoge the next Dogecoin?


We all love Dogecoin. But recently a new project came out that’s heavily inspired by Doge. It’s called Hoge Finance with its own coin called $HOGE. The biggest difference is that it’s DEFLATIONARY instead of INFLATIONARY. They also have some DeFi and NFT features and a popping community. In this video I will review and explain Hoge and see what I will do in terms of my buying plan. So if you’re interested in Hoge OR you just love Dogecoin and want to see what this is all about then please give this video a watch and a LIKE!

Hoge Finance main website:

To check out our sponsors Fusion Network and their FSN token:

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0:00 Intro
1:25 Hoge in a nutshell
3:04 Important token details
5:11 Fusion Network shout out
5:55 Accomplishments and roadmap
8:38 My verdict (Pros & Cons)
10:01 My HOGE purchase plan
10:57 Wrap up

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Responses (40)

  1. Coinsider

    For over $350 in exclusive deals for YOU all!

  2. Jack Macziz

    Hoge is soooo much better than doge

  3. Inder Dev

    Hello, Thank you, excellent, and from Floki Inu, what do you think could happen?

  4. Ravi Chaudhary

    Floki Inu is the next token, What do you know about that?

  5. Inder Jeet

    GREAT VIDEO. Question: But who are the people behind the project?
    I stick to Great Floki Inu

  6. STREETxÄBHÏ Gaming

    YUP Floki is the next

  7. WhatsKing

    Floki will make huge wealth

  8. Indian Penny Stocks

    I sold My Dodge and Shiba and I Just bought 10m Floki, worth a gamble.

  9. Poco Tournament

    Most legit team and community in crypto right now. Floki is

  10. Shahjaha Freelancer

    Great informative video here. Thank You so much but Floki is definitely taking the world by storm!!

  11. joe francis

    Hoge Finance has just done 500% this month with a 10th of the holders shib has I can see it following shib now it’s getting listed on a top 5 exchange platform 🚀 definitely not one to sleep on if you missed the shib hype, dog meme coins just seem to blow uppp🔥

  12. AJ Alstadt

    I've lost 60% so far but I'm holding

  13. Jordin Mcky

    Can you do another hoge video please !!

  14. James Fox

    This is financial advice. DO NOT buy meme coins. There are plenty of brilliant projects out there. If you buy meme coins you WILL regret it. I repeat DO NOT buy meme coins. More and more are appearing every day. They are a cancer in crypto.
    The people who are shilling them are at the top of the pyramid scheme and they need your money. DO NOT fall for it.

  15. Seeno Shahrooz

    HOGE = 👑

  16. Jordin Mcky

    Can you do another video on hoge please

  17. JOEMON K.P.

    I am a small investor, I want to buy 15000 nos of hoge coin. Kindly advice me for low fees. Bilaxy wants more btc for trade.

  18. Most Authentic: The man who knows everything

    Hoge for life

  19. Home Slice

    HOGE is literally the best DeFi crypto this year. Just a beast.

  20. ankr King

    God told me
    Ankr will make millionaires

  21. 2001 crash repeat.

  22. Mitch Thompson

    Just bought 1.5m Hoge coin!

  23. This is def going to be the next Doge.

  24. Melvyn Manibusan

    Where can you buy hoge?

  25. Andy Moore

    How do i buy hoge?

  26. את Aleph Tav

    HOGE will rule all meme coins 🪙!

  27. Im holding a couple of million HOGE for a a set it and forget it moon bag. Seriously, if an inflationary meme coin like DogeCoin can do what it did, then a deflationary HOGE has potential as well. It probably wont happen, but what the hell, who fucking knows… put a tiny amount in there and wait 5 years. the market is nuts.

  28. Robert Smith

    Hey man thanks for the research info…
    Hoge or Doge? The brothers dog both…. too the mooooooom!!!

  29. Tony Krooss

    HOGE is bigger than DOGE. It will take over, the tech behind it is just amazing compared to the old Doge.

  30. christiana TBoran

    Where can I purchase some?

  31. Zachariah Magallan

    Can you make a video on how to purchase hoge finance and can you make it stupid simple

  32. Mythic Real Trap

    Where can I buy this coins?

  33. SAFEMOON & SAFEMARS & MOONTOKEN seems to start better than all other competitors even better than DOGECOIN.

  34. Dad Lampshake

    Any thoughts on Safemoon?

  35. Is it safe to buy on that hoge site? Looks kinda sketchy

  36. Jason Austin

    Big fan of Hoge! Doge is great and it's what got me into cryptocurrency in the 1st place. I love Doge. In fact I'm using my profits from Doge to move into other currencies and diversify my portfolio! I don't see it as a competition. There is enough room in this crypto space for everyone. Hoge and Doge are different types of currencies. Hoge is deflationary with a hard market cap. Every transaction redistributes coin back into the coin holders wallets while simultaneously burning coins from the overall supply. Meaning over time you are farming/gaining Hoge even if you don't buy more…AND it is becoming more rare as it's burned…therefore increasing in value! It has so much upside and potential for growth. Plus the Hoge foundation helps animals! They helped a dog named Grifin get eye surgery! That's all I needed to hear from a charity perspective. Ima holder and I am here to stay for the long run!

  37. Brian B

    I skipped Hoge and went for Space Hoge. Bigger nerd appeal.

  38. Am I missing something? I'm trying out buying like $50 worth of ether > Hodge to start with but the network fees are $130??

  39. J Johnson

    Where can you buy Hoge

  40. Parker Zimmerman

    My take with the conflict between Hoge’s tokenomics being built around holding Hoge and the incentives to spend Hoge is that by expanding the use cases it gives people options as to how they handle their Hoge. They can choose to hold knowing the deflationary elements will reward them, or they can use it in one of the functional applications which because of the tax, accelerates the supply decrease, leading to a beneficial outcome for holders. Basically by expanding use cases it provides a functionality which also benefits holding, it’s a win win.