Is Mining Still WORTH IT?


Bitcoin mining is more profitable than ever, and GPU mining Ethereum is more profitable than ever — BUT is it still actually worth it to buy a crypto mining rig?! Let’s review if you should buy a miner!
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I started mining cryptocurrency full-time 4 years ago, I mine Bitcoin, I mine Ethereum, I mine other cryptocurrencies including mining Dogecoin! Recently I also started mining Helium with HNT hotspot miners that use no electricity and don’t even make any noise! Mining is the best way to earn passive income, but with mining being more profitable than ever before everyone seems to want to buy a crypto mining rig driving the prices up. Bitcoin miners make a lot of money, and have increased a lot in price. Newer and more powerful Ethereum miners are being created, these ETH mining rigs make more money but are also very high priced! DOGE has skyrocketed in price, and it is merge mined with Litecoin, so scrypt Dogecoin miners are more profitable than ever, and are now harder to buy! Helium hotspot mining is really refreshing because these little miners are small, silent, and can make well over $50 per day and even after doubling in price they still only cost ~$500 but they are also hard to buy because everyone is trying to buy a mining rig right now! Let’s review if mining is still worth it, how to determine the best miner to buy, and how I have been successful buying mining rigs for years and simply getting a great ROI or return on investment with these miners!

Reviewing the best Bitcoin miner to buy –
Reviewing the best Dogecoin miner to buy –
Reviewing the best Ethereum miner to buy –
Reviewing the best Helium miner to buy –

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Reviewing years of mining Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto
01:33 Should you mine Bitcoin & other crypto in 2021?
04:34 Scammers & official VoskCoin giveaways
05:06 How does cryptocurrency mining work? Is it worth it?
07:35 The value of ASIC and GPU mining
08:51 Earning passive income on my coins & $250 free
09:52 Should you buy a mining rig? Best miners to buy
10:42 Mining rigs are a great investment??
11:34 Mining crypto to hedge risk
12:23 When should you buy a Bitcoin miner or crypto mining rig
15:10 Earning passive income mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto
16:33 How to power mining rigs, and cool mining rigs
18:39 Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto was the best investment for me

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Responses (31)

  1. VoskCoin

    review the BEST Helium miners to buy here!

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  2. Tony Randal

    thanks for the info , i mine sparklecoin , simple coz of the thier 005 mining fee

  3. Neil Croydon


    THIS LAMEFAKE —- CEO Vosk Drew
    Company number 13087800
    LEWIS, Sarah Hannah
    Bottom House Farm
    RG8 8QL

  4. bandarabdulmo80

    Oxbtc is big scammer , they stole my money, claiming that is a shortage in power , for a while month, scammers ,thieves

  5. Roham Hadidchi

    I like gpu mining more because they don’t make as much noise, don’t give you insane electric bills (especially out here in Michigan), they look cooler, they are less risky because if one altcoin becomes unminable, you can switch to a different coin or sell the gpu since gpus will always have value unlike ethereum asics in 8 months, and they’re just more fun overall to build and overclock.

  6. SlackersIndustry

    if your rich yes, if your poor dont. takes alot of money upfront now a days to be worth it. getting a pc for 1k to make 3 bucks a full day, y can just rent it an hour in my cyber for an hour and make more. crunch numbers people before you get into it , if you aint got 50k laying around dont waste your time. well if you like ands is a hobbie i guess go for it.

  7. Bullish crypto nut

    Very helpful video as I have zero mining experience how much does the helium mining produce a month ?

  8. Lil Hill

    Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life. Life was hard for me until I started Bitcoin and I'm now earning $9,500 per week

  9. Danny Walker

    Is it worth it to buy just one miner if I only have like a couple grand?

  10. Aliz Gunter

    If you don’t know where to buy mining machines, please contact me. I ship all kinds of mainstream mining machines from China in the wholesale market.

  11. Google User

    I don't see how mining is actually profitable. The difficulty goes up the more people that mine, making the profit less per day. I've read tons of stories where people just lost money. Unless you get lucky where you mine a new coin and that coin eventually goes up, I don't see how mining could be profitable long term….. unless your power bill is close to free – even at $0.10/kWh it's not worth it due to the continuous rising difficulty. The break even point is a moving target.

  12. Joshua Woodard

    Is it worth it if you are mining from your PC or maybe 2 pcs?

  13. Mark Vargas

    Is there any risks other than the change of coin price?

  14. Brother I have been trying for many days but I can't. Please tell me what I will do

  15. George Walker

    This vid was so much waffle so little information……..

  16. Mellowyellow8888

    i wonder if one should wait until the next crash before going in and mining..

  17. _GAMER XYZ_

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  20. Abhishek dogra

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  21. Esron Manullang

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