Is the NFT space a Bubble? Are we moving to fast?



It certainly seems we’re going up too fast but does this mean we’re in a bubble? Let’s explore.

0:00​ – Intro
0:50​ – NFT Adoption
2:15​ – Alex Becker Channel
3:50​ – Cryptocurrency market influence
5:30 – Crypto Native investors
10:00​ – Anticipating Buyer Volume
14:45​ – Axie Infinity Growth
16:00​ – If Crypto Corrects


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Responses (42)

  1. Please make a video talking about OMI. 🚀

  2. What about the rules, can you draw whatever you want or are there any copyright rules for example?

  3. These vids are gold mate, thank you

  4. do a video on jack's nft tweet selling at over 2 milli rn. also can u look into tokenized tweets

  5. There's already proof people value digital assets. Look at Counter-Strike skins for example.

  6. Your website is cool, nice job.

  7. NFT collectibles are a joke. You can't just produce a collectible out of thin air, and claim it's 'rare' because you're only selling a few of them. It's lunacy. A collectible is something that has a history of being in demand, that's literally why it's called a collectible.

  8. Lol they barely started…the real question is is defi a bubble ? 🤔

  9. What is “fast”, and why would be moving towards it?

    Or did you mean, “moving too fast”?

  10. I wish someone would break down the "bubble" in relation to various NFT platform tokens. While I will say that the current NFT market is junk. Over priced junk at that ..the overall platform token mcap is very low.

    So in my head I dont see why actual nfts can pop and go sour while tokens like RARI still see upward trend. It is a market inside a market and this should be touched on. Dont dump your platform tokens when this garbage art goes pop. The market inside the market has to mature and they wont just take their ball and go home

  11. …are we moving TOO fast…

  12. Polkadot nft eco system will bring it to the next level. Substrapunks PolkaPets, evolution land

  13. Mattttyyy!! You champion!

  14. as a digital artist…any tips on how to build a valuable cryptoart brand? I see so many nfts and they're flat out ugly. I wanna create something that people value…any ideas?

  15. Hmmm, how can we digitize our beanie babies?

  16. could we have a video on the best nft cryptocurrencies?

  17. Bro. one of the best in the tube for nft and alike…consider changing your youtube name….something around NFT or/adn digital asset…my 2c

  18. have you looked into streetfighter nfts on wax blockchain?

  19. I think Earth 2 will be the most popular NFT

  20. "if bitcoin crashes tomorrow" lol

  21. Great content! Thank you

  22. Haven't bought any NFT's yettttt, doing my due diligent research. Saw that Gary gave you a shout though!

  23. Good video, well timed especially when Ivan on tech recently sounded unsure about NFT’s with respect to the exact title of your video

  24. One thing about collectibles that I think may be important but missing from nfts, is condition. A lot of the value and demand in physical items is based on their condition. Sports cards, books, coins, art, everything. I mean imagine if every old baseball card were mint, with no chance of degrading.

    I wonder if nfts can be made to degrade or change depending on certain things. Time, transfers, places of storage, view time, idk.. but something that makes maintaining a mint/original state nft somehow difficult or at least require effort to do. Something to contend against, like the physical environment in the real world is to cards or coins, some virtual factor that can alter the state of an nft. Sounds funny and idk if it's even possible, and I don't think it's vital either but would be cool.

  25. Just wait for the Christies/Beeple auction. It's going to run for a fortnight starting in a few days. The bubble will grow during those two weeks then dump shortly afterwards.

    It's right to say that you shouldn't be buying pieces you don't love. I love four of my five pieces and I'll only sell them for prices that would improve my life drastically, I'll be genuinely sad to see them go if/when that time comes.

  26. Great content, just subbed! 😉 How do we deal with the $5K/Week withdrawal limit? Is there any solution to withdraw in Ether for example? Would appreciate your lights on this one

  27. Maybe you should invest in a second monitor, to keep OBS open 😂

  28. really great – thank you!

  29. Dude…. You sure it's recording?
    Great content – Cheers

  30. Alex Becker knows a lottt, his advice is gold

  31. What’s your thoughts on Fine Art Photographers joining the party? A lot of them are using Bitski atm. I’m considering, but looks like the GAS FEES are reallyyy expensive

  32. Thanks for your knowledge, you Rock!!!!✌

  33. It’s a bubble that people are buying so much stuff without any practical value. The NTF aspect itself is fine. It’s just that people are buying relatively worthless junk, hoping that they continue to maintain otherwise empty value. Art is not that big of an industry as a whole to warrant all the stuff that’s being bought. Can buy and own posters, models, etc for like $5-$10 at the store. It’s without warrant.

  34. Cheers for the vid fella!

  35. Take a look into Ecomi. Major licensing deals of over 100+ brands including the NFL. Uniswap and top 20 exchange coming in end Feb early March along with major marketing support starting in March. Same agency that handles their marketing does advertising for a billion dollar social media comapny as well. Deflationary tokenomics. More adoption = more deflation. Ecomi will be the future of trading/collecting especially with a guy like Alfred Kahn (he brought Pocket Monsters from Japan and rebranded it as Pokemon to the American market), the head of licensing for Ecomi. It's not if, but a matter of when.

  36. were not moving too fast… They are…