Jesse Watters discusses his new show 'Jesse Watters Primetime'


‘The Five’ announces Jesse Watters will take over Fox News’ 7 p.m. hour and will premier on Jan. 24. #FoxNews #TheFive

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Responses (31)

  1. Wendy Tabon

    Congrats Jesse you deserve it I will be watching so happy for you

  2. Sakke Kvist

    Jesse Watters, who cheated on his wife with the associate producer of his show, later marrying his mistress after his wife divorced him (a.k.a. Republican family values).

  3. Jesse, we love you, to be sure. Keep humble and never forget your debt to Bill O’Reilly!

  4. Liem Nguyen

    It's nice to see Utube doubling down on their censoring anyone who disagrees with their narrative.
    It shows they are getting ready for the Great Blackout.
    But it doesn't matter what they do now, the cat is out of the bag, they won't get it back.

  5. Great talent – we'll need Jesse in coming years.

  6. It would be nice if Watters were more literate.. but they could've done worse.

  7. emelda Chan

    Congrats Jesse Watters well deserved

  8. Dr. Brian Jude de Lima, PhD

    Any of them could of done it /- Jesse and the five are the best ….but Tyrus really deserves it more

  9. GeroLubovnik

    Harold Ford Jr is a great replacement for the the Village Idiot Juan Williams.

  10. Dean Synan


  11. luis diaz


  12. Eric DaCunha

    This is wonderful news! He deserves it and I'm truly looking forward to what I expect to become the #1 show on Fox. It'll be a hit for sure!

  13. Tereigh Keating-Hart


  14. Holly Skinner

    Big W

  15. Drac Leirbag

    He should have been fired for his fauci commenta

  16. Jett Rink

    Jesse said…
    "Let Bill Clinton feel your pain
    but see sure not to let him feel anything else"

  17. Bʀᴀɴᴅɪ TX

    I like Jesse just fine, saying that he's as good as Tucker is a bit of an overstatement.

  18. John Chan

    Jesse is the baller and a shot caller

  19. Saint Jude

    I love this guy!

  20. Good Comments

    More Jabs=more normalcy. Even branDON-ALD is PRO jab/NASCAR F-Bombers. Global warming moved COVID out & into folks, like the Black Plague on Silk Road. GO Fauci=LET'S Go, JOE!

  21. Mac Ski


  22. Steve C

    Accurate updates with sarcasm, humor, and wisdom. Jesse is conservative entertainment at it's finest . Right on Jesse !

  23. Marlene Davidson

    Congratulations Jesse! You've earned it…😊😉

  24. arthur martini

    Jesse great for you keep on telling the truth against these no common sense Democrats Liberals because there alot of them out there so I see great success.

  25. It’s such a con show(network)… all about commercials!

  26. Robert L Alexander

    I hate he's taking over for Laura Ingraham

  27. M. Schneider

    Congratulations Mr. Watters! I always get kind of excited when one of “The Five” get promoted off the show because….y’all are awesome at replacing great talent with more great talent!!! We get to see who else is out there!! Congrats again.

  28. Uncle Mat

    Jesse is an actual Republican.He doesn't play with the line so there's no confusion.

  29. robert smolucha


  30. Maria Vlahon-Elgin

    Jessie we are so happy for you and I read a headline from ahem C×× calling you the right wing flame thrower and I laughed till I spit my drink out. Lol. So proud of you and can't wait to tune in! Congratulations!!!

  31. maliah m

    love those two guys on top !