Jesse Watters: Kamala Harris can't answer basic questions | Brian Kilmeade Show


Jesse Watters, co-host of “The Five” and the new host of “Jesse Watters Primetime” joins the Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss the how Kamala Harris is handling her role as Vice President. #FoxNews

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Responses (44)

  1. Gawd Kilmeade, Mike Judas Pence? Fuq Mike Pence, Mr. Elbow-bump Pelosi after he certified the Cheated 2020 Election. Why Pence Kilmeade?

  2. The ONLY thing she is able to focus on is herself. She and her sister both care about nothing but themselves, despicable as they are.

  3. Mike Pence had the Lord on his side, I doubt if Kamala has ever stepped foot inside a church!

  4. well maybe she can understand this camilla you are ignorant

  5. Kamala Harris has to be the most annoying carbon life form in the history of mankind.." You can see the crater's of the moon with your own eyes"!!!

  6. We love DJT! We (I) don’t care what stupid pundits think! I love you both – but, Fox is crap!

  7. Jesse, at a glance you nailed the Jim charecter clothes in The Office. Nicely done, on purpose or accident?

  8. Something smells. The veep is connected. Won the CA U S Senate seat over Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D) in 2016. Ms. Sanchez killed the now sitting veep in a debate. Yet here we are. The Dem. power brokers love her.

  9. Wake up good people of America 🇺🇸

  10. It’s crazy that common sense questions and suggestions are a perfect course correction roadmap… Yet, they double down


  12. DrainTheFuckingSwamp military tribunals war crimes in progress

  13. Eeeeewh! She's got rooster neck !

  14. one of the comments pence made was that he met with the president every morning, got his list of things to accomplish, and went and did them.

  15. Where is Kamala Harris's Chinese handlers?

  16. Kamala is a Democrat. She checks all the correct boxes. Nothing else matters.

  17. That’s what sleeping your way to the top turns out like

  18. Who cares more? Someone who does the talk or someone who is acting to support people?

  19. That In fact, to crack down on Xi Jinping's dictatorship, we must start from the people around him. The corruption, human rights violations and illegitimate gains of all his family members and overseas family members should be made public and sent back to China for the people to judge. Expose his illegitimate children. The same goes for Putin.

  20. Trump definitely had great instincts and courage and you need to have both being the leader of the free world. So sad half of the American people are so blinded by their split-tongued flip flopping "leaders" that they are so derailed and not even capable of seeing greatness where greatness are. That is so sad.

  21. Kamala is nothing more than a token cackler.

  22. Stop giving Biden clues on how to fix himself. We want him OUT not renovated and stuck back in there again!!

  23. "Let's Go Brandon"

  24. President Trump was a man ahead of his time. He knew to bring in the brightest and best at the table and listen to them. If Trump was faced with this supply chain issue he would have called all the key players in and ask what they felt would be the best solution. He was talking about the need to return the supply chain back on shore before the pandemic.
    With Biden all you get is finger pointing, he is without a doubt the worst President in my life time, in fact if you added up all of Carter's, Nixon's and Geo Bush lite worst performance it would still not measure up to the first horrific year of the Biden Administraton.

  25. I wonder why Fox news never seemed to ask such questions to Trump ,oh yes they were up Trump's rear end .he used to call them live in the morning show.

  26. The civilization decline however you define it, it's real, and America is sliding into becoming a third world country. Trains are being looted as well as stores across the nation. This week the Justice Dept.created a new unitl to fight domestic terrorism,, ie white conservatives.

  27. Jess camel Harris is there
    as VP so let's go Brandon
    Showe her how she embraced him at the primary , he showed her how Dumb she's on the world Stage very smart
    Trump2024 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  28. And I thought Pelosi was the stupidest woman in Washington

  29. It's Becouse All World President Not MD dr.Thats Why This Happening (?) Poor To All The Peoples & Young Generation & All Schools Child, _ Thanks All, …. Cheerio.*****.

  30. Yes Jesse, superficial things, like CHILD CARE. She’s an ABSOLUTE IDIOT 🤪

  31. She was just Joe Bidens insurance policy to NOT get impeached, c'mon man!

  32. I better husband asked her what she was trying to say

  33. Did you forget those old people were being murdered by the Dem Mayors and Governors who sent covid INTO the homes?

  34. Hahahaharris is a joke. Everything is funny to her, along with herself!! Hahahaha harris.

  35. Its Fc dr Is World President , Wher'sThe US Country President & VP , All Young Generation Now Ben The Victim Of He's Autorize , _ Thanks Bro / Sir, _ God Bless All, …. Cheerio.*****.

  36. Good night I'm out 😴 can't take it anymore kamala

  37. Kamala harris is a man look at that atoms apple

  38. What a useless existence Harris has !!!

  39. Jesse Watters is hot💙

  40. That seems to be the theme for the whole Biden administration , let's go Brandon !!!

  41. Kamala is almost as smart as a box of rocks ..

  42. Biggest POSER and IMPOSTER in political HISTORY! Think about that ….

  43. Oh Come On Man, She represents the Dumbing down (Lacking the power of speech. Used of animals and inanimate objects) of the American Democratic/Lib Educational System