Kayleigh McEnany: Americans have lost faith in public health officials


The ‘Outnumbered’ panel reacts to the Senate hearing involving CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci. #FoxNews

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: We are at a really, really dangerous point in this country when Axios a few days ago had an article called ‘The Biden administration’s credibility crisis’ and it was saying, look half the country doesn’t have faith in President Biden and I’m paraphrasing here. But, when you stop trusting public health officials that’s when we have a problem and we’ve gotten to that point when they’re still using that term the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated.’ One example of many. There is such a lack of faith in the messengers coming out of this White House. We need new faces and we need credible faces.

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Responses (31)

  1. Anthony G.

    I have lost all desire to go to the Dr. or Hospital and I know there are good Doctors. I’m just turned off by the medical profession at this point.

  2. mexico no es uniko kks

  3. puro $$$$$$$ mundo

  4. boloni boloni tocino jamon

  5. Bryon Scheffel

    We have lost faith in much more than health officials.

  6. Gregor Resch

    This slow-motion job that is taking Trump down the river is the best. Lock Him UP.

  7. Fred Niche

    K. Lee McNinny is just a big an idiot as Carl Tuckerson.

  8. Duane h

    Waun is lieing again he is a buffoon

  9. sdash911

    These are some stupid people. When he talked about awards he was talking clearly about future research. Between their inability to comprehend the English language and their willingness to use race as a shield for their ignorance, its amazing we still have a Republic

  10. BirdsFan

    I’ve lose faith in the word “News” if the word “Fox” is anywhere near it.

  11. C. Satia

    She looks facially abused

  12. Betty Staley

    God made dirt and dirt don't hurt get out and play in the dirt and you won't get hurt s*** get over the vaccines

  13. Awesome_Karen

    I’m unvaxed cause I wanna stay healthy and I’m no hurry for blood clots

  14. Michael Radzichovsky

    How to down vote because of Juan’s stupidity!

  15. Sniper Logic

    Juan has now earned the Peak Stupidity Award. A distinct honor here in the land of mass psychosis & hysteria.

  16. Sniper Logic

    One can only have faith in blatant liars for so long. Even the stupid eventually have their ‘wait a minute’ moment.

  17. Max Landon

    No we lost faith in the government we elected

  18. Jenergy

    The only gentleman in this discussion- please shut the f$@k up

  19. Daniel Miller

    Corruption as far as the eye can see

  20. Robert Peck

    Can't lose what you never had!

  21. Lawlz 4Dayz

    Had No Faith to begin with
    Dont need someone to tell me the obvious

  22. QisAcult

    We see you ! We know what you did ! We will never forget
    January 6 2021
    Kelly tick tock tick tock

  23. Stuart Bega

    No credibility but the Dems don't care !!👽

  24. BlueTwang1

    We shouldn't be listening to medical professionals. We should just listen to newscasters. They know whats best for us.

  25. Donna Gragg

    Why is the government and health officials highlighting the facts that soccer athletes drop like flies when running, of heart attacks.

  26. Donna Gragg

    Fauci is NOT about people living….he is in cahoots with China.

  27. Donna Gragg

    I have not trusted fauci from the start, nor will i ever.

  28. Fauci, the CDC, Hospital Systems, doctors, and big pharma can never again be trusted.

  29. HoneySpoon BeeWrangler

    I don't put faith in man, and certainly don't wonder after the "miracle" alchemy beast.

  30. jenn coppes

    Juan is uninformed.. These hospitals have a staff shortage because of Biden regime regulations.. They are at max capacity because wings are closed from lack of staff.. NOT because Rona is occupying the whole hospital.. Juan is radically ignorant.. He is part of the problem, spreading misinformation and fear..
    Time to go forward from the Rona garbage.. nobody cares anymore.. People aren't falling over dead in the streets as they want us to believe.. Homeless aren't dead everywhere.. it's not the Spanish flu.. WE WILL NOT COMPLY OR LIVE IN FEAR…

  31. Dennis Sanders

    When will Fox dump that dope Juan, I can't stand that F___ING idiot.