Lara Trump: Biden isn't making his own decisions


Fox News contributor Lara Trump says Biden has to get a handle on the multiple ongoing crises like inflation, supply chain backlogs and immigration. #FoxNews

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Responses (20)

  1. God bless Israel.
    God bless the Trump family.
    And God bless our enemies, may they see their need for what He has and is offering them.

  2. Lara looking more like a man. Why does fox even have her on? She’s getting ugly

  3. you dont get credit for fixing things you broke…. unless you're in america, then you get participation awards and diplomas for nothing.. waiting on the government to give you that money for nothing, checks for free


  5. The Science&Law of Augustine Social Doctrine Abrahamic of Systemic Construct…I am french…so this is a long sentence but I understand every word of it……so, yes he is right therefore not lying…I am not one of you but one of I…I know myself better because I know some of you…not by name but by faith…your faith feed me real world food in north America… I know your faith construct pattern…here my ego speak from my ego brains because this is ego time and only ego can may be understand the understandable Joe Biden…I see different pattern of justice and faith between Christianity branch of Abrahamic background…they paly little game outloud form mike to mike…I can speak and understand Orwellian…I love it…"Othering"…anyway…I'm hungry,see you.

  6. Roberts and Kavanagh PUNKED OUT on health care workers:(((

  7. Xiden is a clown show. Embarrassing the country at every turn.

  8. "How did the 1763 Treaty of Paris help start the American Revolution?

    Explain how the 1763 Treaty of Paris laid the groundwork for the American Revolution. The treaty gave the British government control of all of Britain's American colonies. The colonists objected to the loss of control over their own affairs, and some Americans began to think about an American revolution."…we are back…sorry…1/3 government on Othering mode for slowing the system down for next construct systemic by new boss…like in 1763…now,2020+1763…terraforming right now happening on line everywhere but me 1/3 I do not care…in canada and america and 1/3 more somewhere 1/3 not sure, they want our freedon to end…we make them look bad…good luck.

  9. Can you imagine Biden choosing a Supreme Court Judge?.

  10. That's an obvious one. Why do you think he was selected and installed in the White House? Precisely because he couldn't make his own decisions.

  11. Lara Trump needs to run for president in 2024.

  12. When are we going to see Biden and hunter prosecuted for high crimes & treason? He needs to be impeached

  13. why the fart would a real President want to sit at a kiddy desk for?

  14. Impeach Biden/Harris

  15. Had Donald Trump not appointed 3 conservative judges to SCOTUS it would have been a rubber stamp for Butterscotch Biden and his totalitarian clowns.

  16. GOD is in full control, Oh I no it doesn't look like it, sit back and watch; The Earth is the Lord's..

  17. Joe sold his soul to Satan to be able to play president. He will pay a severe price when he dies.

  18. There is no vaccine! It is a medical trial (experiment). You have to sign a form to release these companies from any responsibility. The form states; You may still contract COVID. There also may be 'other' side effects. So a mandate that makes you sign a form to get a trial drug that you don't want. I don't think so!

  19. That In fact, to crack down on Xi Jinping's dictatorship, we must start from the people around him. The corruption, human rights violations and illegitimate gains of all his family members and overseas family members should be made public and sent back to China for the people to judge. Expose his illegitimate children. The same goes for Putin.