Lex Fridman on Dogecoin: The Power of Meme


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Neal Stephenson is a sci-fi writer (Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, and new book Termination Shock), former Chief Futurist at Magic Leap and first employee of Blue Origin.

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Responses (21)

  1. Joe Misseri

    Could memecoins be the True NFTs that arise and are successful since most people don't seem to understand them or do you think it is a matter of timing?

  2. Iver Mectin

    All the coins except Bitcoin will fail. To many BS rugs pulls happening. Sorry but “fun” isn’t sustainable.

  3. Marty Jablonski

    Meme coins are a distraction so people don't invest in the coins that will be the pillars of a future that's fully merged with blockchain technology. Buy chainlink.

  4. People were having fun using networks from the early years of the emergence of these technologies. Artists like Roy Ascott, Kit Galloway and Fred Forest who were pioneers of the telecommunication arts cooperated with NASA using their satellites to communicate. Roy Ascotts "La Plissure du Texte" was one of the first world-wide collective "chats" in 1983.

  5. Ethan Mohammed Adventure

    Sold my doge early to help my brother with rent, had I known how much it would’ve risen I’d have let him get evicted and just let him live with me

  6. Mike Staub

    DOGE and all similar coins are pure gambling, which is one of the oldest ways humans entertain themselves.

  7. Seaestaño


  8. 迪尼斯Dom Dinis

    Memes are the product of social human needs. It's some of the most effective way to interact. Meme coins are an extended version of human interactions applied to a financial asset that is made for young generations. The future is made by the youngers, who change the way older generations used to socialize. Technology, crypto and meme are a disruptive power to change every old rules.

  9. dwrd dwrd

    $KIBA kiba inu will definitely be the next Shib

  10. Jimmy Rustle

    Dogebonk is the next dogecoin. Better memes and 1/400th the market cap

  11. Lucas Tilford


  12. Visionary Vet

    1: social tokens create community 2 : community evolves to DAO’s. 3: DAO’s become nation states. 4: DAO’s utilities decentralized Ai for representation. 5: Decentralized Ai circumvents corrupt Governments.

  13. John Smith

    Come on Lex you are too smart and your voice is loud now to be making comments like this.

  14. Ray Medina

    Shiba Inu coin for me

  15. hootjohnson

    Dogecoin to the moon!!!

  16. CrouchingWombatHiddenQuoll

    Shiba Inu to the moon 🚀

  17. Matthew Alvarez

    D.R.E.A.M. Doge rules everything around me 🙌

  18. isaiah 6471

    imagine a world where you trade dogecoin for memes/Comedy shows

  19. tankdog03

    Is he saying FUD. OR FUN?

  20. LEX you should grow a beard, It would look great on you !


    So much wow