LIVE: Biden Delivers Remarks on the December Jobs Report | NBC News


Watch live coverage as President Biden delivers remarks on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ jobs report for December, showing the economy added 199,000 jobs.

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LIVE: Biden Delivers Remarks on the December Jobs Report | NBC News


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Responses (29)

  1. So he is going back to Trump’s Policies on insulin

  2. If his mouth is moving. He is lying 🤥

  3. That's why 60 minutes just did the big quit 20million people quit there jobs last year

  4. recommend watching at 1.75 to 2 X speed. Also how old is a person usually when they are deemed unfit for a workplace? Asking for a friend.

  5. If i find out my father voted for this guy. I will never visit his grave again. I wish i had a way to find out. I just get a feeling he did vote for him. If he did… i would like to apologize on his behalf.

  6. Im ready to see who the real president is. Who is writing everything? Cant believe they hired a puppet that can't even act.

  7. This guy is a steaming pile seriously absolute dumpster fire. One of the biggest liars and the biggest two-faced plagiarizing people I've ever heard in my life how he made it there I'll never know

  8. Y’all kicked everyone off unemployment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. The illegals are working in big numbers. Driving UBERS, Walmart and their affiliate dollar stores are hiring them. Amazon,,no drug test needed, truck drivers. I'm sure all the big corporations are doing the same. Destroying middle America con mucho gusto.

  10. The unemployment rate might have fell but the self-employment rate probably shot through the roof so let's talk about that.

  11. Welcome to COMEDY CENTRAL….


  12. And many 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 actually believe the Lies coming out of his mouth.


  13. Am I watching COMEDY CENTRAL???


  14. we the people can take the trash out in 2022 ,

  15. joe biden i am a old peace of coal but i am going to be a diamond someday = 1 term =take house and sen back in nov = retire joe back to de in 2024 =ron desantis = president 2024

  16. The Biden economic plan is working? That’s what he thinks?

  17. He can lie and lie as much as he wants, it is not true. People are suffering. We are hurry, what are you doing?

  18. they're not giving a real vaccine it's more like a glorified flu shot…

    Vaccines work to prevent people from catching infectious diseases. Here’s how: They introduce a dead or weakened version of the virus or bacteria to train our natural defenses to kick in. If our body faces a real threat from the live germ later, the immune system is armed to block it from harming us.

    obviously even with 1 2 3 injections you're still not free from getting Covid so they do not have a vaccine

  19. this guy is delusional

  20. 441 likes? That means there's prob 441 THOUSAND dislikes cuz he's LYING TO YOU

  21. Most of us ignore his speeches only the sheep listen baa

  22. Help me to say big thanks to the Great and only #drbanlogun on YouTube channel for sending his herbs product that got me off the genital herpes virus.Respect Dr Banlogun.

  23. Covid killed older works.People replaced them.No big ideas helped anything.

  24. Some people are back to work , but NOT thanks to you

  25. It's time to get Donald Trump back

  26. US embassy dhaka consultan assistant 2015 kidneping killing human trafiking Bulllying Hacking Maffia group involved her job US government not others government FBI hand over must President today no delayed time God Bless America

  27. we make nothing in America but poverty!