LIVE: Biden Delivers Remarks on the November Jobs Report | NBC News


Watch live coverage as President Biden delivers remarks on the November jobs report, which showed the U.S. economy added 210,000 jobs last month.

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LIVE: Biden Delivers Remarks on the November Jobs Report | NBC News


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Responses (33)

  1. The Angry Bass

    Good thing he can accurately read all those lies on the teleprompter 🙄

  2. Darlene A


  3. Darlene A

    Let's go Brandon 🏁🏁🏁

  4. Street Glide Pete

    We are so screwed. What if they steal another election from us ? Can u imagine what 8yrs of damage will be like ? Im waiting for the day when the democrats decide to change our flag because its offensive to China.

  5. D Hoover

    What a farce – bragging about new jobs??? These are people getting hired to fill vacant positions because workers are staying home or forced to quit over vaccine mandates. Everywhere I go: businesses are suffering because of lack of buyers (inflation); and help wanted signs are EVERYWHERE. What is FJB talking about? The real picture is America is floundering under his party

  6. Sharina Watkins

    reopening businesses you forced to close is not the same as adding jobs.

  7. Ivan Delgado


  8. Bright Change

    What a joke — I guess the STAGGERING numbers of dislikes vs likes when this clown speaks was too much to handle! What a comedy show. Do the math … 24,000 views, 475 likes!! We're laughing our heads off at this loser and we will resist everything he says.

  9. allen barbato

    Sounds like Mel Gibson lol the show must go on

  10. Americans doesn't want to work That's why there's so many dislikes

  11. Larry Mac

    Paging Mr Herman. Mr Herman please report to the lobby

  12. Larry Mac

    23k views 426 likes. Censor that YouTube

  13. 44 Magnum

    You Tube," Like a mother doesn't like to hear that the baby is ugly by taking away the number is DISLIKES. They should also take away the "LIKES . This is called being bias and does not give social media a fair view of the topic..I guess You Tube only want to hear that the baby is beautiful even though it is the ugliest kid on the block..Here is my dislike..👎

  14. Estella Trevino

    President Biden you are killing me slowly. Event anyone is at fault of my death it is the governm ent of the United states, racketeering slavery.

  15. Sweetbriar

    This man is a fool. He has sold his soul to Big Pharma. If he would only talk about the doctors he has censored who could really help diabetics through diet and lifestyle maybe he'd be worth listening to but he only wants human guinea pigs to make Big Pharma rich and have chronically ill Americans. He needs to go.

  16. EJFSanchez2

    For a moment I thought it was comedian Ron white talking. Someone give him a shot of scotch

  17. Tierra Carson

    Lies lies lies wow

  18. Aakarshana

    చైనా తరహాలో ఏదో ఒక రోజు అమెరికాను విప్లవ దేశముగా మారుస్తా …! America Ok-Vijay,Ongole,India.

  19. Randall Thomas

    Biden Eats It!!

  20. i am glad hes working on the ports. good job

  21. wow 25c!! woohoo! 4.79 should be 2.49 again complete bs

  22. Wade Galvin

    Dislike button here

  23. khmerkidz2600

    Gas is 5$ here still ca

  24. Mia gunt


  25. Just Wolfy

    …that’s not his voice… wtf

  26. mead russ

    Let’s go Brandon

  27. Mad TWC

    He doesn’t sound like the usual guy what happened

  28. The Last Rebel Show

    “My Depends are full again Jill “— Joe Biden.

  29. Guy Phillips

    What a joke of a man, China Joe – CBS and all the other Main Stream Media outlets are now the Socialist Media arm of the DEMS. DNC – DEMS NOW COMMUNISTS – LETS GO BRANDON!!! 🗽 VOTE EM OUT 2022 TRUMP2024-2032 🗽

  30. The Death Twitch

    Let's Go Brandon

  31. Bruce Wickhorst

    When the President of the US needs and actor (George Cluny) to do voice over. Question now this Biden or an actor? Qhestion: Why are our southern brothers and sisters still allowing their country look bad on the world stage?

  32. Jobbi Bean

    This vaccine is a joke!!! My son was fully vaxed and got it. So sick of Biden pushing a jab that doesn’t even work!!! It’s all about power, money and control!!! This administration is a complete joke!!! Thought Joe had all the answers but somehow he has 350k dead on his watch!! Let’s Go Brandon!!!!

  33. Sevenexes77

    Another epic failure in a long list of epic failures. There’s no possible way this “administration” can survive 3 more years. At this rate the country certainly can’t.