Live Trading on the Price Ladder – 28 June 2017 | Axia Futures


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Every Wednesday Axia Futures streams a live trading session where you can watch as real trader execute in live markets with real capital at risk.

In this recording Brannigan trades momentum breaks in the Dax, demonstrates price ladder pyramiding techniques in the yen, and shares valuable insights into order flow trading.

All of our traders use TT for fast and efficient execution on the DOM.

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Axia Futures engages in Developing World Class Traders Globally.

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Responses (12)

  1. Very true around 27:00…. if your seeing a larger move use less shares and let the Trade work with less stress. Love it .

  2. ,,, around 38:00 sounds like someone opening up a fresh sandwich…

  3. in the video I see a site to see the calendar. what's the name? thanks

  4. Curious what specs your computers are.

  5. XD 13:44 you hear something scream – than you can better stop though. Like if you would just trade the FESX like a market maker. You would make 100 times more with speculating my friend. Love your video!

  6. do you guys have a Bloomberg terminal available?

  7. Trading is not in compliance with religious morality; inform about the "moral problem of trading"

  8. Am I missing something – can't imagine he is trading 1 lots? I am not familiar with the platform – does 1 unit indicate a larger clip?

  9. Aggressive entrance on the neckline on first time.
    After, why did not you try an entry on absoprtion around the 44?
    Thank you for your comeback.  Nice video.

  10. Stop run on thin market,The pulse must beat fast…

  11. I enjoy watching your videos and think you've got a great future
    especially because you remain so calm. In fact, your floor is almost
    like a library. Our floor at Bear Stearns and UBS was more like a
    mosh pit compared to yours and probably rated R. LOL

    BTW, I'm wondering why you didn't keep hitting the bid
    every time 47.5 got rejected and ran a bit lower each time. It happened
    multiple times before the final flush. BTW also love the flush trade.
    I call it Retail Flush. LOL

    Keep up the great work and good luck on building the firm.