Making $300 A Day Mining Crypto at Home


In this video I give an update on my home GPU mining farm.

Products in this video:
▶️ Crypto Caverns:
▶️ Mining Syndicate:

Links to support me:
▶️ Red Fox Crypto Discord:
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Crypto Miners:
📺 BitsBeTrippin:
📺 Voskcoin:
📺 Red Panda Mining:
📺 Hash Raptor:
📺 SerpentXSF:
📺 SavageMine:
📺 Guntis Vitolins:
📺 The Life of a Miner:
📺 ChumpChangeXD:
📺 Altered Component:
📺 The Hobbyist Miner:
📺 Mining Office:

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Mining Rig Parts I Use:
▶️ 6-GPU Frame:
▶️ 8-GPU Frame:
▶️ Risers:
▶️ Risers:
▶️ PCIe Splitters:
▶️ MOBO:
▶️ CPU:
▶️ PSU:
▶️Server PSU:
▶️ RAM:
▶️ HDD:
▶️ Test Bench:
▶️ PDU:

Grow Tent Setup:
▶️ Old Tent:
▶️ New Tent:
▶️ Inline Fan:
▶️ Ducting:

Power Meter:
▶️ DROC AC Power Meter:
▶️ SpaceGoats DROC Power Meter Build:

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Responses (43)

  1. Made a huge profit from this platform no scam no delay 🙏🏿

  2. I'm ngl bro…. you doing too much I fwu tho

  3. I have a question. Where do y'all buy all of the GPU's at?

  4. What did it cost to add all of the cooling capacity for all of your rigs and any other expenses. I noticed that nobody wants to share these costs but brags about the money that they make.

  5. Look into excessive power draw and voltage input.

  6. That's all great but how much do you have invested in dollars for these rigs, how much labor hours?

  7. what’s ur electricity bill like?

  8. I reached out to this team and they got me a awesome cash I can't forget, this guys is a pro √√√

  9. I reached out to this team and they got me a awesome cash I can't forget, this guys is a pro √√√

  10. lucky enough to actually get cards….

  11. When the ETH stop POW, what coin can we mine With these gpu?

  12. Sound like a psu problem

  13. This is impressive! Do you have a video on how to get started mining / tips for beginners and is this even worth doing unless you can do it on a large scale ?

  14. Check 🖕🖕🖕 they help me with mine

  15. ………………. wonderful job from him. He made it possible for me
    Am recommending him to you all

  16. What do you think the total cost of this was?

  17. Just curious what do you do with that 300 $ per day ? Do you invest in different cryptos or keep in the mined crypto ?

  18. how much are you paying in electricity per month?

  19. Started with one 1660 super 4 months back and now 3 1660super and 3 3060
    Hope to add more gpus in future
    Anyways Stay safe Take care

  20. A very organized work, I like the distribution and your way of thinking, although sometimes we do not coincide, it is very educational to always watch your videos, good luck and a happy new year!

  21. This is actually crazy.

  22. New Year, New Rig Built. My First ever venture into crypto mining. Got 2 new 3070 ti to get 110-120 MH. Wish me luck.

  23. What you gone do with all these gpus once eth 2 finally hit ?

  24. This is so great, i think others could benefit from you, you’re a lifesaver. Thanks for your help got me 1.5btc just now, thanks for your good works

  25. how do you power those i can think about 25kw h would be alot for a “regular home “ what did you do to get 25kwh to sustain your rigs??


  27. That is such a crap?What are you mining anyway?
    Money is just a tool , in fact do not exist really.What you think as " money" is just a paper for supermarkets etc…
    Santa Clouse exist one day in a year.
    Enough to lie the kids…

  28. Bro eth is dying can you make Video to mine The New coin Avian Network thanks your great!

  29. Can believe this work again for me they increased my cash account with $5,000 thousand dollars thanks to ☝️

  30. No one does it better than ☝️.these guys got me money from their service

  31. No one does it better than ☝️ these guys got me money from their service

  32. I’ve been mining for around 7 months and currently my setup is doing around $9 / $10k a month that’s a combination of 30 x GPU’s and some asic miners plus some nodes.
    I am at a cross roads if I should hold fast or try expand more

  33. Hello Red Fox, did you ended up fixing your 3080 ti yet? If not, which motherboard and cpu are you using?

  34. That total wattage is about right for making $300/day. It would be interesting of how much power optimization can be done as one expanding. Several of my 3080 non LHR shows 100 MHS but does not make additonal that I expect so dial down OC to reduce the power consumption. Any thought on making video on this subject?

  35. hey. can i have a question. how many hashrate you can get with multiple gpu?

  36. Use hive os on the on that graphics card that give up. It automatically restart when offline or encounter a problem( i tried it and it worked like a charm )

  37. 93 GPUs… at what price? $1000 per card? so somewhere around $100,000 worth of equipment to make just over $100,000/year? What is the turnover rate on the equipment? Out of the $100,000/yr, how much goes back into the business, and how much is profit you can walk away with?

  38. Where should a person start with Crypto mining if they're a complete noob?

  39. Whats your electric bill vs that $300 per day??

  40. Luck wish I could have one of those cards 😂

  41. Hi there, I have a question, I wanna build a rig, and I want to know what graphic card should I use, I can use 3 * GTX 1660 super, 3 * RX 6600 XT, or 3 * RTX 3060.

    My own choice is 3060s, because recently I noticed that in some updated versions of miners they could unlock 75% capability of nvidia 3060, so Is it right that I could use multiple RTX 3060 with 75% capablity and if so wich set should I choose? ,Tnx

  42. so I saw another fairy big youtuber who mines 100 dollars per day with 8 gpus (electricity included). how are you only making 300 with almost 100 gpus?