Making $46K In 6 Weeks Selling NFTs


Blake Jamieson, 36, is a portrait pop and NFT artist based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2020, he worked with Topps, redesigning 20 iconic baseball cards for their Project 2020 campaign. In 2021, Jamieson made $46,000 in 6 weeks selling his art as NFTs and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

The market for NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, has exploded this year – and many creators have profited off of the hype.

Among them is Brooklyn artist Blake Jamieson, who has made over $46,000 within roughly six weeks, between the first day of February through to mid March, selling NFTs of his artwork on platforms like SuperRare and OpenSea.

“I firmly believe that I will be a millionaire in like eight weeks, just because I see the potential of the NFT stuff,” Jamieson says. “I have a really big rolodex of pro-athlete clients and they’re like beating down my door to do this stuff.”

NFTs are unique digital assets, like jpegs and video clips, that are represented by code recorded on the blockchain, a decentralized digital ledger. Each NFT can be bought and sold, just like physical assets, but the blockchain allows for ownership and validity of each to be tracked.

Jamieson, a successful artist known for his vibrant paintings who has a clientele of professional athletes, including former NFL running back CJ Anderson, learned about NFTs from his friend, NFT artist and former MLB player Micah Johnson.

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Making $46K In 6 Weeks Selling NFTs


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  1. Blake is the man!!

  2. I’m good at art how do I get on?

  3. I'm a 15 year old and I started a business but it's a fail so now I'm doing youtube and opening my nft collection to try to grow my community!

  4. Super bad for the environment!

  5. I hate that stories like these only affirm that you have to be born rich and very well-off in order to become/stay rich and well-off. Not so humble beginnings deserve a pat on the back????

  6. Awesome job and new market!!!

  7. Relieve yourself from the hassle of scripting NFT descriptions for your NFTs, or even writing any word on your website… you'll agree writing is hard.

    I can help communicate your ideas and desires easily for as low as the price of a coffee at Starbucks.

    You don't even need to commit if you don't like the copy … stop snoozing

  8. Sounds like a scam.

  9. How freaking inspiring ! Thank you

  10. I have a question I can not find answer anywhere. I would like to take a photo of my original painting and turn it into a Digital Jpeg file and sell it as a NFT, but also I would like to sell the original physical painting in other platform separately for example like my website or Etsy. From this video I understand that I can do that, but I am not sure how to state that in my NFT sale description. Do I need to state that the Nft is a art made both with Acrylic paint and Digital edit and that they are two separate works of art basically. How should I state that to make it clear to the buyer???

    Please if anyone knows how this is done, let me know!

    Thank you

  11. I didn’t think you have to actually make it in real life I thought it’s digital art ?

  12. Respect to the guy but i dont get it and i love art, been drawing my whole life

  13. Taking money from idiots huh.

  14. Guy: buy this NFT for [insert amount of money]
    Me: *takes photo

  15. lol, even this guy thinks it's a scam

  16. Anyone know what banksy looks like?

  17. Feel free to screenshot

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  19. aight imma screen shot

  20. Thanks for the vid I'm starting my own voyage and your story helped.

  21. This is very inspiring. I would love to figure out how they sell music as an NFT.

  22. this harddd 💯 i love seeing ppl win 🌟

  23. most expensive nft

  24. This Video!!! Thank You!!! 💕

  25. Sports has always been so lucrative, and to sell to athletes is awesome…NFT is so competitive now ,you have to hit demand customers and market it right…

  26. Im on the way to make an NFT project with real art tables from art gallery in paris. Hope is going to be a success.

  27. UC Davis?? hahah sup bro

  28. $170K in 4 weeks bruh

  29. I truly truly love this. It literally felt like my future self talking to me. All blessing to you 🤞🤞🤞

  30. I bet he ends up just spending all of his millions on buying NFTs 😂 truly though that was a very exciting and inspiring video!

  31. Luck. Everything of it. He has good luck. I had to pay $3k month for my studio. I spend about $80k yearly and nothing has really took off I always felt like luck is a big part of success and it’s something you can’t control no matter how much money you have or how much effort you put into things. I’m not gonna give up because luck is bound to hit me one of these days.

  32. Thanks for the video, We all have problems; the way we solve them is what makes us different, i pray anybody reading this God will solve all your problems….

  33. Yep, who ya know and where ya come from. I’m good, in the middle of nowhere and have 0 clout.
    A steep climb up.

  34. The overrated examination quickly walk because hook cytogenetically laugh concerning a trashy pine. plucky, elegant composition

  35. If you really are willing to help other artists with a slight push in the right direction, not just saying that, then I applaud you for that sir! I wish you become a millionaire in 8 days. Peace

  36. This is so inspiring on so many levels! Your parents are awesome! Great work hustling and finding your voice as an artist. I'm so inspired to create my first NFTs now!

  37. Supportive parents and setting up a studio in a family barn in San Fran. Wish I had those too.

  38. How did you market the nft’s when you started? Did you already have a large following?

  39. Hey you, doing, can u Sell my phisical art work into NFT,…. IM exited to know, tha k you.

  40. That is Sick As, ❤️ Love it.

  41. 6 weeks, nfts flips are much faster

  42. Investing in projects with a solid roadmap and community is the best idea. Big fan of what Foxxies is doing on this front

  43. The 9 people that I know who have been finically successful with NFTs said that they bought the celebrity made NFTs and held them and sold them.

  44. What’s going to move the needle for me the most this year