MBAPPE TOLD THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT MESSI AT PSG in a new interview! De Ligt is close to Barcelona?!


MBAPPE TOLD THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT MESSI AT PSG in a new interview! De Ligt is close to Barcelona?!

CNN France

Kylian Mbappe was interviewed by CNN France. We have highlighted the most important points just for you:

“No, in January I will not go to Real Madrid. I’m with PSG and I’m happy. I’ll finish the season here 100 percent. I will give everything I have to win the Champions League, the league and the cup. And to give all the pleasure to the fans, because they deserve it. I think I deserve a big win with PSG. This is not the time to talk about the future. I only have beating Real Madrid in the Champions League on my mind. We are ready. I’m ready to play and give everything for PSG. I want to win all the trophies with the club. ”

“Messi? It’s a big pleasure for me to say to my kids, to my friends, I play with Messi. We have to enjoy seeing him in Paris. We need to step up. Playing with such a player, we all have to make concessions. Though with Leo Messi, everything becomes easier, because playing alongside him is primarily a pleasure. And I want to win. If for the sake of victories I have to make some concessions, then I will do it”.

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  1. 🗣Best quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo 👉🏻-

  2. 3:07 Somebody knows where i can buy this clothes mbappe is weiring the hoody. ????

  3. Good for Mbappe. He is maturing. He's much less selfish, and he plays better and better with Messi. But he should improve his finishing. He keeps missing the passes Messi gives him.

  4. I'm glad Ronaldinho won, but sorry Globe award is a joke! We're all laughing at it.

  5. super flop torres

  6. You guys are amazing@football news

  7. Your news most wrong news ever

  8. 2022 Ronaldo and Kevin de Bruyne and Bruno and Zlatan To Psg

  9. What's the music name which starts from 4:23 ?

  10. All Barca need is haaland and barca would be back

  11. Using Barca as a thumbnail so much jesus

  12. Barca and best are two different things

  13. This channel is amazing why does it not have at least 1MIL subs?!??!

  14. football legends would say anything to make their clud feel better because how tf is psg the best club in the world?

  15. BARCA January 2022 💙♥️
    1) Dest – 35M
    2) Coutinho – 30M
    3) Lenglet – 10M
    4) Umtiti – 2M
    5) Neto – 8M
    6) L De Jong – Loan Termination
    7) Demir – Loan Termination
    8) Aguero – Retired
    9) Collado – Loan
    10) Wage
    1) Ferran Torres – 55+10M Add-ons (15M)
    2) Çaglar Soyuncu – 40+5M Add-ons
    3) Lisandro Martinez – 30+8M
    4) Defensive mid – Loan
    5) Center Forward – Loan
    6) Fabio Blanco –
    Line up
    LW. Depay. RCF
    A.Fati Ferran
    LM. RW
    Pedri. CDM. CM Dembele
    Busquets. De Jong
    LCB. CB. CB
    Lisandro. Çaglar Araujo
    Ter Stegen

  16. 👑👑👑👑👑👑

  17. PSG must beat Real Madrid..
    I'll not take lost in those two leg plz.


  19. Daily dose of Clickbait😂😂😭😭

  20. Man you have russian guy who copies you ,,инсаид новости футбола,,

  21. Listen you’re talking les snd les about the football and promoting this ,Corona’ crap too much. As if it’s not enough of this agenda on the mainstream fake ‘news’! I am unsubscribing to your channel.💥

  22. I hope that we strike back Stronger than ever. Visca El Barca!

  23. I swear Barcelona will be back stronger with ferran and I pray that they sign de ligt and azpilicueta

  24. Wait a second… Haaland, De Ligt, Azpilicueta, Torres… Is Xavi trying to make a close replica of the old Barca???